I am blessed, truly blessed. I have a family whom I adore and who constantly challenge me to be a better person than I am. I have wonderful friends, both online and off. And I have a job I love and the chance to make the world a better place.

I'm joining in a blog hop (thanks to seeing it at Jen's); the topic is love, and you have to use a photo you've taken. Ah, you know I love to take pictures. Hee, I should take a photo of my camera!

Instead, I choose this one of the thousands I've taken, about someone I love, in honor of our 22nd anniversary on Friday:

I'm not mushy, but for all that this man can drive me crazy, I still melt when he smiles at me. :-)


kathleen said...

Wonderful photo..and yeah I feel the same way...about my guy..hee!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! That's awesome!~

Anonymous said...

great blog.
lovely to find you.
great photo - big aaaarrrrh.
happy christmas to you and yours

farmwifetwo said...

Nice pic of your dh. Have a good anniversary.

My guy took the elder out shopping again a few minutes ago.... He told me a couple of days ago he'd rather not do it again (they went out Mon night). Hubby's going to come home more fried than the kid.

A good man that one.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary, I don't think I ever met anyone who got married on Christmas Eve before :D Jen

Autism Mom Rising said...

Very nice!

Aspergirl Maybe said...

Oh, happy anniversary! We hit 18 years in August, and I still can't believe I've been married for that long!!

KWombles said...

Thank you all!

Helloitsgemmma, nice to find you, too! Happy christmas to you as well.

FW2, thank you. Your husband is a brave man; it's busy in town here. Just getting to the clinic and Walgreens was exhausting, all the traffic.

Kathleen, hee, I know you do!

Laura, thanks! :)

Jen, we figured we wouldn't forget that way! :)

Thanks, Suzanne.

Aspergirl Maybe, congrats! 18 is amazing. The years fly by!