A Geeky Bibliophile's Dream

These came Saturday.

Oh happy days! Saturday saw my order from Scientific American finally arrive. Now don't those look like wonderful reading? Yes, this is my idea of fun reading.  Rosie was charmed with these new additions, especially The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain, which she curled up with in the recliner last night after we returned from the birthday party she went to. Bless her heart, she tried to read it, too. :) 

Uber-geeky books aside, these are also my idea of fun reading:

Do you remember a few months ago when I had cleared off the top of these bookcases and the piles in front of them (and again a few months prior to that)? Of course, the new books have piled across again.

You can barely see the tops of the books standing in front of the bookcases. You might say, ahem, that books are my special interest. 

Of course, so are flowers, and cats, and photographing all of it. And above all else, my family. :-)


farmwifetwo said...

You need an e-reader - I have a kobo. LOVE it!!! Since I read about 300 books a year most of mine come via the library.

If you join goodreads you can find me:


Was a bit confusing at first, but now I'm addicted... so much easier than those little pieces of paper on my desk.

KWombles said...

It's so nice to know we share a love of books!

I'll do that and look for you there.

Our house is overflowing with books and bookcases; I'll have no choice at some point but to go the e-reader route. No more room in the house, unfortunately and it's apparent that I won't ever be done. We've done the library over the years, but then I end up, if it was good, buying the book because the ease of access when I want to pull a quote is addictive. Google books comes in really handy as does netlibrary; if you can instantly access it online, you don't need a hardcopy anymore. :-)