Geek Camp Day Two

I'm taking a break from negativity and as much controversy as possible and enjoying the time off with my children. I'm still reading  as many of our bloggers as I can, commenting where I can, but I'm just not going to visit angry, bitter places this holiday season.

So you get day two of geek camp and windows into what daily life is like here. If you really want to know what it's like, my chapter story I wrote for the girls last Christmas is a good snapshot. But this is a heck of a lot shorter and it's current. :-)

Last night, we watched the very first Eureka episode as a family. While I've watched them all, Rick and the kids hadn't watched any until this season, so we're going back and watching from the beginning. It holds up really well to a second viewing, thankfully. The girls adore the show, perhaps even better than Warehouse 13. And I really like sharing the time with the kids and steeping them in my scifi geekiness and pointing out to Rick that I told him he'd like the show.

This morning resumed geek camp day 2. Oddly enough, the girlies and the boy took longer to make it out to the living room this morning! Gosh, I wonder why. :)  The girlies got set up and ready for the morning shows.

 First up was The Universe, episode one on the sun. Is Neil deGrasse Tyson in everything? Lily hopes so!

After playing with the magnetic dolls and soaking in information about yellow dwarfs and fusion and other assorted bits, we moved to the main show of the day: The Pluto Files. Lily was devastated when Pluto was demoted and she loves this documentary. She also thinks Neil deGrasse Tyson is pretty awesome. And two shows in a row? Awesomeness! Explaining that Colbert and Jon Stewart are being funny in their appearances on the Pluto show never gets old. It also doesn't quite sink in.

If you think the girlies are all over the place as we watch these documentaries, you'd be right.

Watching from the couch.

Lil and I agree: awesomeness!

Two documentaries  watched and wiggled through, the girlies and I headed to town to visit a friend and to shop. Having braved the mall and Wal-mart and survived, we arrived back home with sanity intact, and the boy unloaded the groceries for me (have I mentioned he's a good son?).  Once home, the girlies made thank you notes for me to post on our friend's facebook wall.



The girlies declared geek camp over for the day and decided I should watch them bathe the baby dolls (a very new endeavor). This is brand new activity for both of them, and I've been sitting here watching them bathe the baby dolls, feed them, decide which one is autistic, and had an exchange over whether Sponge Bob has Asperger's, which led to a discussion of differences between autism and Asperger's. The play moved from  bathing to something different:  they gave one of the babies CPR and declared for some reason that the monkey was dead. I brought the monkey back to life and told them no dead things in our play. It's certainly shaping up to be an interesting afternoon!

Setting up for bathtime.

The baby and the monkey waiting.

Arguing over whether the baby should bathe alone.

Shampooing. Lil had a conniption when Rosie used 
a bottle that said lotion, which led to a discussion 
with me about being over-literal.

The bright boy ignores us all and makes a virtual deck
(I didn't ask what it was a deck of).

For some reason, the girls decided that it would be fun if Rosie repeated absolutely everything Lily says, which has been going on for an hour now. As they continued their play, I understood where the whole dead thing is coming from. One of the dolls at the store was a Baby Alive doll. Ahhhhhhh. These aren't baby alive dolls, ergo...

My living room is a disaster, too, with magnetic dolls from this morning strewn about, the baby dolls stuff everywhere, but we're having a great day. Imaginative play in a somewhat traditional way, imagine that? It didn't last long, though, as they moved over at the skeleton with the baby doll, trying to birth it. Are those my girls, or what?


Aspergirl Maybe said...

Sounds like a fun, if crazy, day. My son loves "The Universe" and we have watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2.

farmwifetwo said...

I have issue with the "Therapists" that tell us that using tv, RL etc as a model for play isn't using one's "imagination"... IMO, it is. I took the youngest to the mall today, dh took the elder last night... We're done until after Xmas. We both need to go back, but we're going kidless. They're wound for Xmas.

The "therapy" with the massage therapist was pressure points mostly and 45min. He fought us at first, but she just went with him. When I laid on the rolling bed - oh my lower back but ooooh soo good - in the same room he settled down. Wiggled lots but again she did his back, his feet, neck and head mostly. Going back in 2 weeks... so far no change, but we'll see. If he sleeps all night every night... we'll consider it a success :)

kathleen said...

HAHAHA..love the "birthing skeleton"..isn't it a guy one as well? What a great day-but you all must be tired..your girlies are wonderful-so is Bobby..hey you could always tell them my favorite joke! "Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?"
"Because it was dead!" heehee

Autism Mom Rising said...

Awesome! Love the house too!

KWombles said...

:) "The Universe" is awesome! :-) Gah, awesome is my new word.

FW2, I think it is, too, just not quite what they're expecting. I love to watch my kids play with each other, no matter how your imagination manifests.

I'm glad the massage therapy went well overall. I hope it helped with his sleep!. Today I really could have used the massage. :-)

Kathleen, yup it is a boy! hee, love the joke!

Suzanne, thank you! :-)