Geek Camp Day Three: Enlightenment & Pain Meds

Perhaps some things cannot be sustained indefinitely. Either that, or the Rosie is way more into science-based documentaries than mysticism and spirituality. Today we voted and decided to watch  a nearly two hour video on Buddha:

The Buddha DVD - shopPBS.org

This is a really well done documentary. The graphics are fabulous; the content is tremendous. However, it's long and really taxed the girlies' attention spans. Rosie was all over the place, and we had to break in several places so that they could jump and holler and get it out of their systems. 

Plus, there was a whole lot of shhhs going on. The bright boy and I are big into the study of comparative religions and it frustrated him big time that the girlies weren't giving this the serious attention it deserved. He shushed the girlies and I shushed him, and I have a feeling that if you could have observed the last three hours, you'd think it a farce. :-)

Not so much into Buddha.

But they are.

As the documentary was finishing this morning, I had a coughing fit, and my lower back wrenched. I'd already been nursing lower back pain, coupled with a decreasing range of motion. The coughing spell and running to the bathroom to  throw up from all the junk coming up (I know, sorry) really frakked the back the rest of the way up and pain radiated down my legs. I had to have Lily help me get dressed because I couldn't bend over and I couldn't lift my legs enough. With tears streaming down my face, I called Rick and told him I needed him to come get me and take me in to the walk in clinic since my doctor couldn't see me and I wasn't sure I could drive.

After three plus hours in the waiting room, we were ushered back into a room, where I got a shot of toradol. I also provided a urine sample. In addition to whatever is going on with my back, I have a UTI. I got a shot of steroids in my hip, and I left with prescriptions for steroids, antibiotics, muscle relaxers, pain killers (good ones), and diflucan to deal with the yeast infection. Oh, and a rescue inhaler for asthma since mine is more than a year old. I forgot about that.

My dad graciously watched the girlies while Rick was with me. It's not what I intended for our afternoon. It's so not.

Oh, and on a serious downer, I realized just how badly my weight's gotten out of control (oh, I knew, I just didn't know the number), so I've got another thing I've really got to get under control. I recognize that the weight gain is all part of the very real stress I operate under, and I know that my coping mechanisms  of chocolate imbibing work against me. I hope that some of the good of this afternoon will be in redoubling my effort to take better care of myself. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I intend to take some pain meds and space out while I watch the kids play the Wii. Table tennis? Really?


Brenda Rothman (Mama Be Good) said...

((get well soon)) You'll need more of the Zen, huh?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OH NO !!!
that sounds really painful
I was telling DH today that this is the worst part of getting old for me - how I can injure myself while doing absoliutely nothing
Feel better soon
I hear you on the weight - same situation here - I am trying a new way ( my own Zenny way ) and i am documenting my journey on another blog too and trying to be regular with that
hugs and hugs

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Oh wow. That is terrible! I do hope all the meds and a little R&R can help! Last year I was at the same spot with my weight. I just knew it was affecting my health and how I felt day to day. Those random aches and pains and lack of energy. I lost 35 pounds and felt great! I have since gained back 10 and like you need to get motivated to start again this upcoming year! Maybe we can keep each other in check!

Kim Wombles said...

Brenda, so much more of the Zen.


thank you for the hugs and well wishes! We may have to set up a support group within a support group for parents who need to find a way to take the time to take care of ourselves.


That's great on the weight loss! I know, if we look away, get distracted, we so easily lose ground. After my Rosie was born, I got all that weight off, got down to 145. It was a wonderful year, but it slowly crept up, and since my hysterectomy nearly 2 years ago, it's poured on. Hee, I did quite the GFCF diet at the same time, so that might have something to do with it. :)

Yup, it's time to work on it. I'm sure that some of my pain would be lessened by less weight on the bones.

The meds, by the way are lovely, and making the evening infinitely much better than this morning and afternoon!

farmwifetwo said...

Long story short - I damaged my lower back nearly 20yrs ago and it still gives me grief every so often. Nothing worse than when it does. Hope you feel better soon.

Dr yells at me more about my borderline pill bp than my weight.. although I could stand to lose a few lbs too :)... Need to get back into walking mode.

Aspergirl Maybe said...

So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well and hope you are better soon! I remember how painful my kidney infection was when I had it, and that's without the back issues.

Get some rest and hope you have a Merry Christmas!