Geek Camp Day One

We started out on the couch, pumped about the dinos!

We watched this first, just the first episode, as we'll cover dinos over the next two weeks!

The graphics are cool...

But someone had a problem with some of the content.

We moved onto the book after the first episode and read some:
Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History
(from Amazon)

Then we took a brief detour to friendlier dino books while Bobby read in the bigger book by himself.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?
(from Amazon)

Next up were websites like Enchanted Learning to look at more dinosaurs in an easier format, where we looked at the introductory page and quickly focused on the Eoraptor
(wikimedia commons)

After a short break where the girls played Jump Start Second Grade on the computer, and the boy and I took care of chores, we moved onto the human body.  The girlies got ready to take notes (but they were really drawing sponge bob while they watched the next documentary, which is 96 minutes long, a bit of a stretch for little girlies who have a hard time sitting still). 

The Human Body:

National Geographic: Incredible Human Machine
(from Amazon)

It was a bit long for the bright boy, too. Breaks are good things. :-)

About thirty minutes into this, we also discovered it was a bit too graphic in places, as it shows actual surgeries. The girlies were ducking for cover, and the boy was making some interesting faces.

 Lil's place to hide from the graphics while still listening to the content.

Bobby was less than thrilled with the surgery to reconnect nerves.

 The body video was too long and too graphic, so we took several breaks.

The girls played the same game on different computers.

After lunch, we went back to the video, and Rosie was enchanted:

Rosie adores the skeleton!

And who wouldn't think this is super cool?

There were more surgeries: a shoulder surgery and the removal of a brain tumor; these are not for the easily grossed out, but I found them wickedly cool, and the girlies simply looked away (or hid) while these bits were played. The bright boy alternated between groans and wows.  The length of this documentary taxed their attention, but we took several breaks throughout the 96 minute documentary, and they were pleased to have learned some things.

After five hours of focusing on dinosaurs and the human body, we decided we could conclude the main part of geek camp for the day. Oh, we'll be watching Eureka season 1 this evening as a family, so the geekfest is by no means over, but it was a good morning. Tomorrow we're doing planets instead of the body and continuing with the dinosaur study. :-)

The girlies hiding from the brain tumor surgery.


farmwifetwo said...

I usually homeschool over holidays but this year I admit to being burnt out. I had a proceedure done last week and although feeling "ok", I'm still "off" and my jeans still don't fit. I decided that we're slumming until Xmas. Except for those few last things we need.... we're watching to many Xmas shows, reading too many books, playing too long on the computer (card games, Starfall, tumblebooks), playing too many games of Sorry (little boy and I enjoyed a round this morning)... etc

Crappy Mom, I know :):) But we all seem to need the break this year - been a good school year and a busy one. I refuse to beat myself up about it this year... I tend to when I think I should be in therapist mode not Mom mode.

KWombles said...

I don't blame you a bit; it sounds like fun! We've got lots of video games going on; they're playing Sims 3 now, and I've already resolved there will be no worksheets these two weeks. Just fun geeky documentaries they want to watch and books they want to look at. :-)

farmwifetwo said...

In the village we have a deep massage therapist that also does "woo" stuff. She is an excellent therapist... she put my back together a few years ago for me... Some of the "woo" I eye-roll but Dh enjoys the foot bath and the heat tent when he's finally had enough... I think he just likes to sit and relax but again isn't that the point as well??

She does "brain therapy" massage. My youngest (9) is still a terrible teeth grinder, finger wringer, poor sleeper... etc. So, tomorrow we're going to give it a try. May work, may not... will tell you how it goes.

I'm one that doesn't discount much - unless it's dangerous. We've done the diet. The elder with his daily diahhrea, daily nightmares and or terrors... removing dairy helped within 48hrs and the little bit of butter he got a week later turned into a 24hr nightmare - including the Mom sitting on the floor crying beside the playpen while he screamed and looked for the hardest object he could find to slam his head off of. Nothing more scary than an ultra calm 2.5yr old on the concrete front porch looking at you through the door bending down and slamming his head off the step.

Little boy... did nothing for him. But he's never had those issues, while older bro has anxiety and he doesn't.

Besides... I've never had a bad massage and if you get a good hairdresser, best part of going to the salon is getting your hair washed and the head rub.

Aspergirl Maybe said...

The video with the surgeries sounds pretty intense, but I am a big Eureka fan!

Anonymous said...

We are in complete slacker mode this week. But then I homeschool all the time . ;-)

I'm impressed with your skills Miss Kim. You go girl!

Next week is the annual deep cleaning of our house. Like Spring cleaning, we just don't do it in the Spring. Because we want to be OUTSIDE!!!!

Sounds like y'all had a really cool day. Happy Geekfest!

KWombles said...

FW2, I agree, if it can't possibly hurt, I see no harm in trying, and massage does feel good. I hope it helps. :-)

Aspergirl Maybe,

I love Eureka and have seen them all, but the kids and Rick haven't, so we're going back to the beginning. :)


Don't blame for slacker mode; when I homeschooled, we took a break, too. :-) We're loving the geekfesting!

kathleen said...

Oh the surgery bits sound so cool..oddly enough I find myself wishing I were there watching with you all..:)