Geek Camp Day Four: Pterosaurs and Puniness

Since Rick had a four day weekend, we switched up the documentary watching to movies and playing video games. Rick's back at work, though, so as soon as the four of us were ready, we sat down to Netflix and National Geographic's Sky Monsters.

At 90 minutes, it's another long one, but the three kids enjoyed it and attended better to it than the Walking with Dinosaurs from last week. 

Rosie even gotten in the drawing mode:

Afterwards, Rosie gave Lily a lesson on how to use nail clippers. Rosie's fine motor skills are better than Lil's.

"You do it how?"

"I don't get this!"

I took over and showed Lil several times and had her practice, but she's going to have to work on the grasp and pressing enough to cut. One of Rosie's stims is to bite or peel her fingernails down, and she learned several months ago on her own how to use the clippers so that she had no jagged edges. Lily's nails, on the other hand, are rarely in Lily's focus, so it means Rick or me noticing and attending to them.

After the documentary and nail-cutting adventure, I confess my oomph is up and gone. Bobby's been sick since Christmas day and he doesn't handle colds well, so dealing with him when we're both ill makes for some testiness. The cold I got at the beginning of December has drug on all month continues to stick to me like sticky mucus, along with last week's issues. I'm pretty sure the prednisone is not helping me on the feeling well part, although the back pain and UTI are improving, so I'm glad to have both the prednisone and the antibiotic. This afternoon, I see my primary care doctor, so we'll see what happens with that appointment. Every day that it's been possible to nap this entire month, I have, and that is so unlike me. If I could, that's where I'd be right now, napping under my electric blanket. 

I expect if there's any way I can find my way to bed when I get home, I will. Having learned to doze on the firing line at Basic Training 23 years ago, I can still pass out in the midst of the racket of the girlies playing the Wii around me as I lie on the couch.

Be well, wherever you are, and if you can't be well, find a way to get a giggle out of it. :-)


Adelaide Dupont said...

I really enjoyed reading about Camp day 4.

Sky Monsters is great. Pterosaurs I do know something about.

Nail clipping is really interesting. I tend to keep my "typing fingers" short, and let my thumb nails grow.

That was a great drawing on notebook paper.

Commiserations on Christmas cold/cattarh.

Eric said...

This virus seems to be more tenacious each winter. I've been out two weeks after keeping it at bay for nearly one month with fresh ginger (tea) and Dr. Reckeweg R6. A lot of good that will do you now.