Finding New Blogs, New Worlds

I've been immersed, steeped in the autism blogs or autism-related science blogs that I hardly get out to other blogs, but that began to change when I found Never Growing Old a couple weeks ago, and a month ago, when  Autism Mom Rising pointed me to IComLeavWe (which is going on again, by the way).

It's nice to look out past this narrow focus, although many of my favorite autism and autism-related bloggers don't focus only on autism content. It can feel at times, though, as if there is a heavy weight that lays across the community, even when trying to point out that most of us are really there for each other, during the good and bad times, to be supportive of each other, to laugh with each other, and to commiserate with each other.

I think it's a good thing to expand our horizons, to venture out to unfamiliar territories, to explore our other interests. I try to share the totality of my interests here, while also having other blogs that represent those specific interests, but if all I do is stay here on this blog and visit autism-related blogs, I don't get to meet anyone who doesn't share that overarching autism theme.

So I'm trying to branch out a little bit, find other bloggers and to mediate my tendency to get hyperfocused on one thing at a time (gee, I got no idea where my kids get their traits and behaviors from!).

I'll be out visiting this week new bloggers and new worlds, thanks to Java at Never Growing Old. Won't you join me?


Jazzie Casas said...

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KWombles said...

Java is also a screen name for the person who writes the blog Never Growing Old. :-) Which is who I was referring to in my post.