Coulds: The Vaccine Wars --bleh-- and Gratitude --yay!

Don't you love the potential that each new day brings? There are so many coulds. I could do this...I could do that...

There's freedom there, choice. When I open a new post, get set to write, I could choose from a multitude of topics. There are days where there's lots to talk about, and I find myself either writing multiple posts to get it out of my system, or sitting on my hands, so to speak, to keep from overwhelming readers. Ah, have I ever mentioned my nickname as a teenager was Yak-Yak? :-)

So this week has seen lots of press on vaccines, dropping vaccination rates, bloggers writing about all the hoopla, and the same old song and dance continues. And I could write about it, like many others are. 

I could point out that Mike Adams writes incredibly stupid crap like this:

"This trend infuriates the vaccine industry and all the shills who push vaccines, of course. Despite all their high-dollar propaganda, expensive advertising and vaccine booths in airports, Wal-Marts and grocery stores, more and more people are coming to realize that many vaccines are dangerous for children and the seasonal flu vaccines in particular offer absolutely no scientifically-validated benefit whatsoever. They are pure quackery and nothing more."

I could. I could offer the quote, deconstruct the entire nonsensical, error-ridden screed he's written, but it's not new, though. We've seen it all before and will again.

I could also point out that there are people over at US News commenting things like this: "This is the biggest bunch of crap! They didn't eliminate smallpox with vaccines -- they simply renamed it! Vaccines NEVER saved anyone, but the direct opposite is true. They have CAUSED the diseases! Wake up people." 

I could then go on and argue how incorrect that comment is and so many others.

And then I could comment on other bloggers who take on the Time magazine article as fits their particular beliefs regarding vaccines and manage to miss the point and get their facts wrong, to boot. I could comment on those whose blogs I agree with. 

I could even point out that Jay Gordon continues to prove he's no physician I'd want responsible for my children's health care.

Ah, I could spend my morning wading through all those articles and blogs, pouring over them so that I could write a lengthy post explaining things most of you already knew. Bah.

I could also not and let folks wander over to those particular things I've linked to, look through the directory to see who else has weighed in on the articles, so that's where I'm going to leave it, to say that I'm aware of all the hoopla, all the folks who've written on the latest. Ken's got pieces up. LBRB does, as well. Orac and other bloggers have written about vaccines all week, combating Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher. Lisa Rudy has a post up, as well. I have no idea if AoA has; I'm not looking. We'd know what it'd say anyway, and many of the AoAers have been all over the recent media articles, so I can safely report they're not saying ANYTHING new.

Hah, but, I'm not gonna waste more than another minute on stuff that, well, isn't going anywhere and is being capably (and not) handled by so many others. Yup, we need good, solid information out there to combat misinformation, and it's out there. We need to touch bases, point out the woo, note any new stuff that's important, and it's nice to see bloggers who do that so very well.  It's frustrating to see bloggers who should know better blow it, too. Again, that's not news to any of you.

What could I do instead? Having spent all that time reading up on the latest on a topic that gives me indigestion and heartache, I feel like I could use some happy happy joy joy to remove that bitter taste.

I could share what I'm grateful for.

Ah, well, I'm grateful that the cookie dough woes are taken care of; the boy and I got it all to my mother's work where her friends had so graciously bought lots of buckets. That was kind of them, and while I don't feel a bit differently about the fundraisers, I will say thanks to the folks who played along and note that it's the one and only time we'll be doing that dog and pony show. Cuz, if the school ever sells chocolate bars like we used to when I was in school, I'm buying it all. I'll share with Kathleen, though. :-) (Updated to say that I will share with Laura, too! And anyone else who wants some, but I'm gonna eat some before I share!)

It's Friday. Gotta love that. I'm sitting in my recliner blissfully alone for a couple hours. Of course, I'm fixing to spend that time paying bills and grading stuff, but still I'll get stuff done, and that always makes me really happy to check things off my to-do list.

We're gonna watch Toy Story 3 tonight with the kids. That should be fun. 

Ah, and I adore the weekends and getting to be with my kids and husband. The weekends are as busy as the week, but we get more time together, and for that I am grateful. 

And for the critters that eat my flowers and pose for me, I am grateful, and for the flowers themselves and how they delight, especially now that I can see them in ways I never had before.

I am especially grateful for the wonderful friends who read this blog and share their lives with me and the rest of the world through their own blogs. :-)

I hope you all have lots of pleasant coulds that more than make up for unpleasant shoulds!


kathleen said...

Thanks for writing this..especially as I read some of the posts and articles you mentioned..and well...*sigh*...Some people just like to play the fence game so that they can appeal to everyone-even if it means they purposely misinterpret..makes you wonder. But then again-I'd rather speculate on coulds instead of kicking myself for should of's later..Thanks for the lovely photo's and the possibility of chocolate..;0

Anonymous said...

I want chocolate too! (she's says whining with her hand up)


Great post, Kim. Thanks for everything!!!

Emily said...

Nice amphibian!

KWombles said...

Chocolate for everybody! :-)