These Feet...

My girls are growing up. They don't need me as much, and between the three kids, they can pretty much work their way around any food/drink needs. A lot of the time, the bright boy and the girlies navigate without much assistance at all. It's a tremendous change. They all also have things they want to do, and I'm not needed for a lot of that, either. We still eat meals together each night (that I'm not teaching; those nights their dad handles things) and we still watch our geek shows together. There's still a lot of time together, and yet, it's different time. It's not time where I'm taking care of them. And wow, but it leaves me feeling a bit weird, you know?

Bobby will be 21 this year, and for most of his life, he's needed my help. He still does, in a lot of ways. He still needs help keeping on track, figuring out what next, and how, but the girls can help him now. He doesn't need me when it comes to figuring a word out, either how to read it or spell it; Lil and Rosie both can help there. The three of them are extremely close, and often play video games or watch shows together. They are in each other's hip pockets. They will, I think, between the three of them be good to go, there for each other, and together, they should be able to take care of each other. It's a relief. 

It's not something we figured, and it's something I'm still hesitant to hope for, but maybe, just maybe, it's okay. They are close, they see each other as integral to their lives, and they like helping each other. They recognize that each has talents and abilities and each has issues, and they find, each and every day, by themselves, ways to get around the issues without demeaning the others. They are gonna change the world by showing what family can do when it loves unconditionally and accepts completely.

Even if it's the latest Goth look.

Getting ready for a Halloween party at the day center.


Autism Mom Rising said...

What a lovely post. So sweet to see in the morning.

kathleen said...

Of course it will be o.k....I know..I do..but look at them! You have some amazing kids..simply wonderful, unique head strong..smart..loving..I can go on..:)

KWombles said...

Thank you, both! hee, made me grin to read these comments.

They are all that, Kathleen, and great at using the stubborn to avoid really helping go through their toys for donating. Ya'll want to come help me clean my toy-strewn house up? Sigh. I honestly don't know where all these toys came from! Or why they are so impossibly hard to get rid of!