A Poem Or Two

I'm teaching poetry (abbreviated, but nonetheless poetry) right now to my students. Thelma and Louise, who've been awfully busy lately minding the going-ons of Stink Creek, were charmed with the idea of sitting down to write some of their own. They missed out on the Perspectives Anthology that Marc Rosen and Ishwa Wagner recently put out, so out of inspiration were they. It dawned on them that perhaps they hadn't been thinking of appropriate material.

Here's Thelma's contribution:

Even Dumbasses Have Feelings...

Bless them, it's true
Even dumbasses have feelings.
Best ya remember,
Best ya not forget
And in judgment sit
Against them dumbasses.
Better not be thinking it
In contempt or scorn,
But instead saying  it
With compassion and love.
Why not say it about others
As a rich, heaping curse?
 Ahh, because when ya, too,
Are a dumbass,
Wouldn't ya rather
Hear it about yourself
With a tone of humor and acceptance?
Dumbasses abound is for damn true,
And like it or no,
It be an all inclusive group.

Louise's contribution is, as always, slightly more visually oriented. I almost shudder to think what Mamma H and the Raisin's poetry would look like, but fortunately, they were, ummm, indisposed.

                                           They bounce in beauty like the night
                                              Of puffy clouds an golden orbs
                                               All her bosoms is round an tight
                                              But that don't make her all mellow to tha dumbass fight
                                          Which common sense an such can sometimes deny.

                                        One long step more-her tiny bosom no less tight
                                           My Gal Thelma with humor in her pace
                                            rocks tha world citin science with grace
                                       She aint afeared a sayin dumbass to yer face.
                                               That's for damn true!

                                  And on Stinky Creek our right lovely stretch a ground
                           Where we is friendly an loyal an a wholesome sort a town
                            We offer love an acceptance for all a tha human race an such
                                   Hell we even love our chickens..sometimes overly much..like Luther.
                                 Me an my gal Thelma wants to spread us words a great joy
                                       We wants ta educate tha dumbass
                                            Boy Howdy we does
                                        But we'll love em and talk at em
                                            creatin a stir an a buzz.

Students are rarely fond of analyzing poetry, but I'm of the mind that poetry can be great fun to sink one's teeth into. T and L remind me, though, that upon occasion when it's a difficult sort of poetry, that the right libations can make it all the easier on the palette.

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