Friday's Happy Joy Joy Photos

The weeks seem to fly by now, each one blending into the next with never-ending lists of things to do. Hassles crop up, threatening to topple good days into bad, but for the most part, each day ends in the plus column. The kids are healthy, relatively happy, and doing well. The same can be said of Rick and me, as well, as we adjust to both of us working full-time for the first time since 1993. Oh my, that's a long time ago! I've worked part-time, gone to school full-time, for many years, but this, this is new. It's certainly new as far the kids are concerned, as Bobby's too young to remember the last time I worked full-time. I think we're adapting well. There's some grumpiness, sure, and certainly some fits and starts, but we both have jobs we really, really love, and I think that makes it easier.

Ah, and I still have time to tinker with my garden, even if it's not as much as before, and the time to play with my new camera and my latest love of photographing the flowers close-up and the insects in the garden, and better yet, blending those two things!


Tammy said...

Great photos. All of my flowers are gone. Hi from the Special Needs Blog Hop

KWombles said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks.

I'll post it over at Autism Learning Felt in a moment, but I wrote a post asking the bloggers on the Autism Blogs Directory to join in on the hop, and I added Autism Learning Felt to the directory. :-)

Life as the mother of 4 said...

This post doesn't rate a crazed squirrel, but that always makes me giggle so I thought I'd mark it.

I am enjoying all your pictures of flowers. I'm impressed with how many pictures you take. You probably have more pictures of flowers than I do of my children.

KWombles said...

Hah, it makes me giggle, too, to see when crazed squirrel has been selected!

Thanks; I think I love photographing the pictures as much as I love growing the flowers, tending the garden. It's my dopamine rush, to see the flowers and the critters captured on camera, able to share the beauty forever.

I'm surprised the kids have never complained I love the flowers more than them since I do take hundreds of photos a week, and only dozens of them! :-)