Coffee Everywhere: Thanks AoA

Okay, the coffee went everywhere first because my Lil spilled it on me while trying to hug me goodbye. But then I sputtered the coffee I was drinking when I read this gem of distorted reality over at AoA just now:

"Dr. Offit is terribly, terribly irresponsible, and not at all scientific, in ignoring the down side of vaccines, the thousands of reports of serious adverse reactions, the very clear link between vaccines and autism, the lack of studies on the combined cumulative schedule, on giving multiple vaccines at once, on various vaccine ingredients."

Oh, it goes on, but I've no time to sit and read the junk. But, wow, this is one reason why folks at AoA are not taken seriously.


kathleen said...

The sad thing is-well...people will read it and believe it. It would appear that science is not valid unless it says what they want. sigh...

Cheryl D. said...

I really wished people spent their energies researching other things in the environment that might cause autism.