Bastion of the Oft-Wrong Huffington Post Puts a Vaccine-Positive Post On

And the committed anti-vaccine folks (I'm trying to only use that term for individuals who have previously self-identified as such or who are painfully obvious) show up on cue. Dr. Emanuel writes about how with a push towards increasing vaccination around the world, 4 MILLION lives could be saved. Emanuel writes: "In the next five years, we can help save over four million more children in developing countries from early death -- if they receive critical vaccines."

Most people given that incredibly large number of children who wouldn't die from preventable illnesses would ask how they could help. Unfortunately, there are people out there who are so committed to their particular frame of mind that they'll make sure they do what they can to poopoo the saving of lives.

The lack of concern over just how many children die from vaccine-preventable illnesses isn't restricted to those who are against vaccines, though. One poster writes "The USA has a pathetic healthcare system, and all of us know it. Nothing you say will change that, unless you say you will change our system to a "Single Payer" system. Charity begins at home, or haven't you heard that saying?"

Nice, huh? It's not really true, either, not when compared to what most people in the world have to work with.

Sometimes juxtaposing folks whose lack of concern for their fellow man with what we could help prevent helps make it clear how much work we have to do as a society to increase empathy and concern for others.

One anti-vaccine regular comments "Those fear mongering about the need for vaccines are still yelling louder than those urging caution about the bloated vaccine schedule."

In contrast, Emanuel writes "Realizing the importance of this effort, the U.S. is stepping up its effort to get these vaccines to 250 million children by 2015. We are the world's largest donor, and are committed, with Norway, to engaging other leaders to join the fight. We are investing in refrigeration, strengthening the supply systems and logistics, and training workers to deliver these vaccines."

It's unfortunate that there are people who could look at something like this but believe this: "vaccines are not a charity ; the corruption in so manyaspects [ like the extremly yucky way of making vaccines ] of vaccine PR is terrible; drug companies spent more on advertising and PR than on research."

The same person writes this unfortunate piece: "infectious problems are caused by lack of cosnciousness of : healthy happy habits, wholesome organic food [ green green green] destruction or marginalization of local traditional knowledge [ and healthy habitat ecology ] enough vitamin c and antioxident free radical scavengers in diet or supplementation" (an odd lack of punctuation in all the postings by this individuals).

One could almost hope for a Poe: "DR ezekial is a false prophet obviously ignorant of integrative medicine functional mediicne green medicien etc all the very important endaevors of Dr Ornish and Dr Hyman and Dr katz and Dr weil etc" (same fella).

We should have a commitment to helping those who suffer, towards making the world a better, safer place. It appears that our government has committed to doing something towards saving lives in disadvantaged countries. We don't do enough; we can always strive to do more, both here and abroad.


kathleen said...

You are right..we don't do enough..we could do more..and what we could do-well..we could do better. I'm in shock that Huff po actually printed a vax positive post..hmmmm..makes me wonder if the Jim and Jenny split affected more than just the "national Enquirer"

Anonymous said...

How refreshingly odd that Huffington would get something right for a change. As for the agenda-induced myopia of some of the posters, well, I've read enough stupid comments on the Web to realize that it's unavoidable. Some people just insist on swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.