Paranoia, Misinformation and Outright Fiction: AoA's Review of AoA

"The autism epidemic, now affecting one percent of children, is like no other epidemic in history.  Previously, victims either died or recovered.  They weren’t exclusively children, either.  There’s never been a disabled, dependent population like this—ever."  Anne Dachel,  reviewing Blaxill and Olmsted's work of fiction  you fill in the blank.

Dachel writes that "In some ways it’s like a macabre sci fi novel.  Imagine a book where the authors create a mysterious element that has marketable uses but also has concomitant lethal effects."

Look, autism at 1% isn't the worst epidemic we're dealing with. It's not an epidemic. ADHD affects 5% or more, but you never hear them bitching about that. Schizophrenia is about 1 in 200. Bipolar is from 3 to 5 in 100.

These folks at AoA are riled up over autism while ignoring that there are many neurological conditions affecting a significant portion of the population, all of which serve to point out that we have many things as a society to deal with, many people in need of assistance and support.

They have tunnel vision and it's all about the mercury, or whatever particular element it is at a given time that is responsible for all the ills of the world.


kathleen said...

Their disregard for the rest of the world makes it less like sci fi and more like a romance novel-in which they get to play the tragic heroine...sigh..

Anonymous said...

Yes, and AGAIN I take issue with their assertion that Autism has "lethal effects". To me it's just starting to get scary, how many people CHOOSE to stay mired in their bitterness and anger to the exclusion of all else. This choice has severely harmed their ability to reason. (which I assume all are born with, and many ignore).

Anyway, great post. :-)

Emily said...

I don't say this much because I try to avoid really deep emotional responses, but I really detest some of these people. They are repulsive in their venality and willingness to manipulate people.

farmwifetwo said...

Those with ADHD and bipolar for the most part, with or without the help of medications, can function as fully independant human beings with families, jobs, lives, sex.... etc.

Those at the severe, low functioning end of the spectrum are institutionalized sooner later due to lack of available care. Many on the upper end are unable to live independantly, hold jobs, form relationships...

The 2 comparisons are like comparing apples and oranges... so your correlation isn't relavent.

Autism is NOT wonderful or glorious and I don't by any means think it's "OK" that my youngest son will be dependant instead of independant short of a major miracle.

kathleen said...

Bi-polar can function as fully independent human beings..really? All of them? "For the most part" And you are citing..what..? I didn't know that every institution was filled with mainly autistic people...
Kim..I'm sorry I missed the section where you called autism wonderful and glorious..Perhaps the post before this one..you know, where you explain exactly what your thoughts are..Oh yeah..and how people like to twist them so they can be angry..yeah that one..Perhaps everyone should read that..Fw2-you gave very valid reasons as to why this correlation IS relevant

Roger Kulp said...

lifewithasperger said...

Yes, and AGAIN I take issue with their assertion that Autism has "lethal effects".

This is one area where I have to disagree with many neurodiversity types,as well as many with AS who on just don't get the whole picture. Elopement,and wandering are a big part of autism,autistics who elope or wander,are not in their right mind when they do this,no more than somebody with Alzheimer's is.Adults and children who elope,can die while doing it,be it from drowning,exposure to the cold,being hit by a car, whatever.No these children and adults are not killed by their autism,but by something they do because of their autism.Biomed and non biomed groups have banded together to do something about this.Where,may I ask,is Ari Ne'eman,and ASAN?

I eloped for most of my life,up until last year.During these episodes,I was hit by cars a number of times.Luckily each time,I was injured,but not killed.

I have never heard of anybody with Asperger's eloping,they may,but it only seems to be those with autistic disorder,which also has it's own spectrum of severity,do.I have read the paperwork about my own diagnosis,and they were not sure where to place me,I have a LOT of features of AD,more than I do of AS.

Would anybody here are to address this issue?

I suspect with most,eloping is due to an underlying medical condition.I happened to be lucky enough to find out what caused mine,and treat it,but not everybody is so lucky.

Most people cannot see beyond their own little world.If it doesn't effect them or their immediate family they don't get it.The antivaxer who chooses to ignore the rising number of biopolar patients,is no different from the Aspie who chooses to ignore the fact that autistics do unpleasant things like eloping or head banging.

And no farmwifetwo,not everybody with bipolar disorder an function with mediation.I lived next door to a woman for years,who was severely disabled by bipolar disorder.Medication did not work for her,and she was always going into uncontrollable rages.We had to all 911 once,after one of her suicide attempts.She even killed her dogs once in such a rage.I've seen what bipolar can do,up close and personal.It isn't pretty.Thank you for proving my point.

Chris said...

Those with ADHD and bipolar for the most part, with or without the help of medications, can function as fully independant human beings with families, jobs, lives, sex.... etc.

Like the relative we buried a few months ago who committed suicide? One county psyche ward diagnosed her with bipolar, another one in a different state said it was schizophrenia.

Since she did not pose a threat to anyone else, they did not force treatment. She only posed a threat to herself. Sigh.

Sirenity said...

AoA is a very terrifying place.
@Kathleen I love that-you hit the nail on the head there!
@Emily I hear you there. I feel the same way.
@farmwife Incorrect on many accounts there. ADHD can be deblitating and the medications are not for all. Bipolar is not the sort of thing one will triumph easily over. It is a serious problem where the low functioning end of those diagnosed Bipolar will also have life in a hospital to look forward to.
You are correct though, autism is not wonderful or glorious. It is merely a name for a disorder and does not have a life of its own. It is not tragic or disgusting either.
@Kim, nicely done. I love coming over here-thought provoking posts are yummy.

Clay said...

I knew a guy once who was bi-polar. He didn't know about it until he was 19, while he was in Vietnam with the Army. He wasn't 'in combat' at the time it surfaced, but was serving in Saigon. He got into some kind of trouble, and they gave him psyche tests and all, and then what they did was threaten him with several years of "brig time" for his offenses, followed by a Dishonorable Discharge, OR he could save himself and the Army a lot of time by just accepting a Bad Conduct Discharge immediately. (Thereby eliminating any obligation for the VA to care for him.)

When he got stateside, he wound up in a state-run hospital, and he found out what the Army had known, he was bi-polar. They put him in a locked room, several stories up, but he escaped. Kicked the bars off the windows, and hung by the window sill for awhile. He told me he held on for awhile, and then just said, "Fuck it!" and let himself drop. He broke his back, and became a paraplegic, with bags for both elimination functions.

I was his Home Health Aide.