One Book, One Film, One Idea

I'm working on critical thinking lectures for my classes, and while there is far too much woo and pseudoscience out there, there are also some really good tools, too. Some really good tools. There are formidable woo fighters working hard to shine a light on poor critical thinking skills, to keep our civilization from slipping back into the dark ages.

I try to create lectures specific to the ability levels and course difficulty, and I try to keep it interesting. There's no reason you can't teach critical thinking with humor. So I try.

But I also try to spend some time here creating interesting, informative posts, as well, because when I do that, well, I can simply come here for my lecture points (saves time, right?). I'm rereading Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World, and I remain deeply impressed with Sagan. It is one book that I would put into every person's hands and insist they read. There are more, but if I only had one, it would be this one.

If I only had forty minutes of a person's time, I'd make them watch this film:

And if I could only impress on people one idea, it would be to prize rationality and critical thinking skills above all other skills.

And if I wanted to convey alot of this but with humor, I'd make them watch this:

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