Friday's Stray Thoughts and Photos: Nothing Serious Here Today!

I enjoy my camera, and with a bit of tinkering and persistence, I can usually get the shot I'm trying to. Not always, though, and not without trying several times. Ah, when I get a great shot, I'm thrilled. When I don't, well, they're not really mini-meltdowns, but I'm frustrated. I want the camera to capture what I see. The zinnia above is close, but not it. Not THE shot I was aiming for. Ah well, you know I'll be out there in tomorrow's bright light trying to get the exact shot I wanted!

This, however, turned out pretty good, enough that I was happy with it; you wouldn't believe how challenging it can be to get good pictures of these little flowers. My desire, though, to get closer and closer has led to looking for a better camera and a commitment to reading the manual on it. So we're pouring through camera listings online. Fun times. :-)

Hah, I sometimes wonder if my next door neighbor pays me much attention as I traipse through the gardens with my camera each day trying to capture the perfect shots and occasionally getting frustrated over the times where the camera won't do what I want it to. As much fun as the work of maintaining the garden is (and I often get behind, I know, as my dad reminds me), taking photos to preserve the beauty is my favorite part of it.

 Here are my favorite pictures from today. I hope that everyone had a lovely week and has an even better weekend. :-)


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