Everything's Coming Up Sunny!

So, you've noticed the change in colors and the move away from hollyhocks and roses. Part of that simply reflects the change in season; my hollyhocks were done by June, the roses are hit and miss, but sunflowers, well, those I have in abundance. And they are joyful. Hollyhocks are beautiful. Roses grab your heart with their perfection. Ahhh, but sunflowers are joy personified. And they have become the unofficial mascots for the Autism Blog Directory. Feel free to borrow these pictures and use on your blogs to link back to the directory or have fun with your own pictures of your favorite flowers. Let's spread some joy around.

Save to your computer.

On blogger, you can select design, picture, upload and add in the link to the directory so that the image is clickable: autismblogsdirectory.blogspot.com. On wordpress, if you copy the image's url, you can choose image from widget and paste the url. 

Got your own sunflower picture you want to use? That'd be awesome!

Here's Kathleen's sunflower!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest batch of glory from the garden.

Sunflower Bursts

Okay, and some sawleaf daisies, too.


Autism Mom Rising said...

How do you get it to work as a clickable link without a code?

KWombles said...

You choose picture on add a gadget; there's a place to add a link when you upload the picture, and it makes the picture clickable.

Catatab_Tabimount said...

Come see mine! I took a picture of a rose at the Portland rose garden when I visited that city :)