When It's Wet Outside (updated)

It rained yesterday evening, and so Rick and I find ourselves with a reprieve from the garden. Yeah, so instead, we're "cleaning" and moving bookcases around and dealing with papers that were on the bookcases so that I might instead put, gasp, books on them instead of them piling on the floor by my chair.

The clutter of books is actually larger than the picture really demonstrates; there are books under books on the far right of the picture, and the shelves behind the books actually have books across the top.

While I take a break from the work and listen to Rick sigh as he moves things around while I sit here and type (paypack for when I've worked while he played Sims 3), I thought I'd post pictures of two signs I bought yesterday:

New sign, thought it worked perfect for a house full of spectrumy and BAPpy people.

This one took some explaining to the girlies why you'd blame someone when it wasn't his fault. Once I explained it was a joke, they were okay with it.

Rick's brought me drawers of things to go through, so I guess my break is up. Hope yall have a more relaxed weekend. We're making such a mess, it's going to take the whole weekend to clean up.

I think a nice cold beer would make it easier, don't you?

Update at the end of the day.

A nice cold beer was had, but we waited until we were done and watching The Empire Strikes Back with the kids. :-)

And we even made some progress!

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kathleen said...

I would so enjoy a cold beer right now...don't envy your cleaning-especially the dreaded drawers! Love the signs..:)