A Week Before Teaching Resumes: Looking for Woo!

There is no "off" for college instructors, not really. My summer 2 session finished last week, so this is my one week (hee, yeah right) off this summer. And how am I spending it? Getting ready to teach! And to go back to school myself. Last year I got A & P and chemistry out of the way. This semester I will take (which cracks me up considering I have anthropology at the undergrad level as well as a master's in psychology) the nursing program's required intro to sociology. I think, especially considering social psychology is one of my interests, that I'll be fine. I'm also taking microbiology. 

I'm teaching two sections of general psychology and a section of developmental writing. For the developmental writing course, I'm starting off fresh and Kathleen, Thelma, Louise and I will be busy over the next weeks setting up the framework for my developmental writing course's blog Thelma and Louise's Guide To Thinking Straight and Shooting From the Hip

We're looking for examples from blogs, news reports, etc, on the internet that demonstrate the fallacies that can be found at The Nizkor Project, an excellent teaching tool, so if you find any humdingers, email them to me or provide the link in the comments. We're looking to make the class an interesting and fun learning experience that will help my developmental students become strong critical readers, thinkers, and writers; in short, woo fighters.

Sigh. The only thing that could make it better is if the ladies could actually be in the classroom with me. Can you imagine a class co-taught by Kathleen, Thelma, Louise and me? :-) 

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