Tuesday Musings

Teaching freshman composition is an interesting task. How do you make grammar interesting? How do you get students to really, really listen to you when you explain plagiarism and prewriting? How do you get through grading a stack of papers when your three children are directly behind your back speaking loudly about all manner of things yu-gi-oh, pokemon, and spongebob?

Yeah, I'm not sure I've got the answers to any of that, but it is what I'm working through at the moment. Fortunately, this summer session has six classes left in it. Of course, it also has three more papers to be turned in. I'm in for a flurry of grading over the next nine days, and I suppose if it lends itself as a break from the online autism world (at least the negative side of it), it's a good thing.

The directory continues to add a blog or two each day, and I'm pleased to see it grow, to see more folks come on over and use it as a way to find community. I hope you'll go give it a look-see and see if you can't find a couple new friends. It really is a diverse community, with many perspectives and belief systems regarding autism represented. I'm proud of that. It's an experiment of sorts, to show that like atheists and religious believers, where the focus is on commonalities, not differences, tremendous community building can be done. When we're not trying to tear the other side down, bridges can be built.


kathleen said...

wish that I could help..sigh..understand the pokemon and spongebob..add a couple of my little ponies and we could have ourselves a party.
I'm thrilled so many people are coming to the directory-we do need that commonality if we are going to work together and get the things we need done-done. Our differences are nothing compared to our commonalities..

Anonymous said...

Focusing on our commonalities was the topic of my post yesterday! It's so nice to know I'm not alone in that thinking.

Read my post here!