Thelma and Louise Visit: Stupid that makes ya weep

Kim: Thelma and Louise weigh in on the recent news in the autism world and how many have decided to handle it.

Louise: You know I don't reckin I like the word "stupid". I guess this is on account a the way I was raised an such. Ya see, mama H. didn't take to kindly to tha word "stupid". She claimed it was the biggest insult y'all could give a person. That you was sayin they aint never was gonna change their ways or was just incapable a learnin. May god an his angels protect you if she ever heard you usin it! Boy howdy and a yay though I walk through tha valley a death! She'd take out ol Gideon an thump your backside clear across tha creek an back again. Good lord an a side 'o hot hiney! I declare the one time I said it, Mama H. quick as a june bug whacked me so hard I had tha word holy imprinted on the right cheek an bible on tha left! 

So me an my gal Thelma was taught ta use "dumbass" as a kinder more gentle like way a bringin someone to task when they do or say something that's plumb foolhardy. Now we all been dumbasses now an again. Hell! I spent much a my formative years in a haze a dumbassery. boy howdy I did! Ya don't walk around with tha body I has and not make a mistake or sixty! Took a while for my brains ta bounce up to my head from my bosoms. That's for damn true!

Today I'm breakin tha rules! Ya see, Mama H done won tha jackpot at bingo. so she went and got herself one a them fancy eye lifts.So she's stuck with a whole bunch a gauze wrapped around her head. So she aint likely to see this. And by the time she does, I'll have hidden her bible and be well on my way to Vegas! with my gal Thelma. Givin her time to cool off an such. Besides I reckin it'll take a while ta get used to her new look an all. I'm imaginin a suprised sharpay-you know one a them wrinkely dogs?

Anyways me an my gal Thelma want ta talk to y'all about one a the craziest things I seen on the interwebz lately. Now I know y'all have heard of a couple a mothers who done killed their children sayin it was because a tha autism? Some folks have taken these tragic stories and made themselves an agenda a sorts. Sayin more an more folks is gonna kill their autistic kids. sayin this is cause they is overwhelmed by their kids autism an lackin support an such! If that aint one a tha stupidest dumbass things I have ever heard! People who kill their children aint in their right mind. Period! Autism don't cause that! Mental instability does!

To say that it was because a autism aint only stupid but evil as well. They is disregarding the lives a those poor children. Disregarding the sickness that was in their Mama's heads. No they is interested in an agenda. In scarin folks. In takin a tragic event and turnin it into a cause that aint got nothin ta do with those childrens lives or their mama's illness. Hell! There was a mama who done drowned her five children cause she said they was full of demons. Now y'all didn't see folks yellin about the government or insurance companies lack of support in demon control did ya? Hell no! That would a been STUPID. No, folks talked about postpartum depression and psychosis an whatnot. Anyway y'all looked at it, it was a tragedy. No one used it as an agenda to remove demons from children. so why is it being allowed with the autism? Now I know my gal Thelmas got somethin to say on this. I'm gonna let her talk at you a bit while I go hide Mama H's bible.

Thelma: Thelma here with something akin to despair after all the nastiness and outright batshit crazy of the past week. What the samhill is wrong with people? Even with several shots of the Wild Turkey in me I still cain't wrap my head around it. Ya got folks on all sides of the equation being, well, shit, past dumbasses and into the flat out stupid over this whole thing.

Ya got, as Kim pointed out, dumbasses over at AoA saying neurodiversity is to blame, and so are Offit and other health officials. Godamighty that is a heap of stupid! Ya got bensmyson threatening to kill people if he knew who was to blame and other dumbasses calling for executions (#7) and saying they ain't a bit sorry for it (#10).

What I reckon bothers me even more, though, is when folks who should know better engage in the same kind of talk about the wackjobs. Yeah, we know full well that most the folks over at Age of Fools are fools. Sure and they are. We know that. They ain't to blame for parents going into the abyss, and the time to discuss their foolishness ain't in connection with those children's murders. It ain't or ya are just as bad using the death of innocents to fuel your hate for the other side.

In fact, Thelma gonna go on ahead and say it straight out, ifn ya be hating the other side, you done lost your way every bit as much. Ifn your goal is light and truth, then hate ain't got no place in the equation, darlins. Not one wee bit. Sympathy. Ya betcha. Pity, hell yeah, some of them folks over at Age of Fools are sick, mighty damn sick and they deserve pity for being so twisted black with hatred that it spews up over everything they do. Don't ya be making the same mistakes and going into the darkness all because ya decided ya had right on your side and anyone not on your side is to be obliterated. Ain't no better. No, it ain't. Calling for folks to burn for what they done ain't right, neither. Vengeance ain't the way.

So darn disgusted with so much of humanity and all the damn stupid on display lately. Gonna go help Louise hide the bible, get out the Wild Turkey and sit outside on the porch and get drunk with my best pal Louise and pretend we cain't hear Mamma H and the raisin getting busy. She may not be seeing clearly, but she apparently can still move it move it.


kathleen said...

They are just so real..you know?

Roger Kulp said...

She-oot.Saying them AoAers are a twisted bunch of sick puppies is sorta like sayin' the sun comes up every morning.