Sunday Laziness and Star Trek Obsessions

I'm working up the energy to get out to the garden, but still haven't gotten there yet, so while I wait for a burst of energy, I thought I'd share some girlie tales.

We're 1/3 of the way through the Star Wars movies with the kids and dug out our Star Wars toys for the girlies last night. As I type this, they are sitting near me, playing a Star Wars/Star Trek crossover. Both girlies are fighting to be the voice of the Enterprise computer and a Star Wars computer toy accessory (not the people).

Star Trek, Backyardigans and the old lady who swallowed a fly

The girlies (and their dad and I) greatly prefer Star Trek to Star Wars. The bright boy appears to have no particular preference, but says he'd be Bones if he could be any character. I personally can't watch Star Wars and not see Spaceballs, which I prefer (I like stupid movies). Still, grounding the girlies firmly in all things sci-fi is imperative for geekifying, and to ignore the Star Wars canon would be irresponsible! Plus, it's a nice entryway into Joseph Campbell's work.

What's been really interesting (the girls haven't seen DS9 or Enterprise, and have only seen one or two Voyagers) is to watch the girls as they watch Star Trek and see which shows they prefer and who their favorite characters are. So far (and mind you, we've watched all the original Star Trek movies and the brand new one, but are holding off on the TNG movies until they have seen the TNG series), the girlies loves the original Star Trek best. Kirk, Spock and Bones are their favorite characters. And yet, the computers are their hands-down favorite.

You know you're a family of geeks (and folks on the spectrum) when you ask them which character they'd be, and one girl announces she'd be a computer in star wars and the other announces she'd be R2. 
Specifically, my oldest daughter would be THIS computer.


kathleen said...

HAHAHAHAHA..love Star wars being an entry way to Campbells work..love it-and so totally know what you mean! hahaha..

Clay said...

I took to "Star Trek" right away, when I first got married and bought a little TV at Penney's on credit, that show and "I Dream of Jeannie", "Get Smart", and "That Girl" were all brand-new, and the best shows on TV.

I was really disappointed with "Star Wars". I think the reason was because they had over-hyped it on TV, (even on the Donny and Marie Show), and when I finally saw it, all I saw was "errant knight saves damsel in distress" with a lot of filler in between.

Bones on "Star Trek" was good, but I prefer the new "Bones", Temperance Brennan on the show of that name. It may be hard for the girls to follow the storylines, but she really is a good model of geekiness.

Casdok said...

Cant get C to watch either Star Trek or Star Wars but he speaks Shyriiwook fluently :)

Lyn said...

I love old skool no special effects star wars.
I hate the new movies.
I don't care what anyone says, they aren't good.
I do really like Star Trek TNG and some of the spin offs, not so much the old ones though.
I love bones, but I'd be unhappy looking at dead bodies all day. I like her character because she's so funny without meaning too. Like if someone speaks pop culture at her and she goes, "I don't know what that is." And she looks confused. And she gets idioms wrong a lot and is blunt.
I love that.
I hope she gets with Booth.