Penn & Teller

Thanks to Ken for finding the video and posting it on his blog!

Just push the play button; if you push anywhere else, it opens to the site that's carrying it.

Also, the volume is low on this, so I had to plug in external speakers to my lap top.

The opening piece is an excellent demonstration as to why the truly anti-vaccine position is dangerous and nonsensical.

Oh, and it's Penn & Teller so it's laced with profanity and managed to fit tits in, too.

Ken Reibel is interviewed for it and he provides a measured, thoughtful balance to the some truly crazy folks. And Jay Gordon should take some continuing education credits. It appears quite clear his education is woefully lacking.


Alexander Cheezem said...

Hilarious (and sooooo true). The only (big) thing they missed was the autistic perspective on the matter.

Oh, and it'd have been even more hilarious if they'd brought in the Geiers...

kathleen said...

Yeah...your're not kidding..Jay Gordon certainly did not shine..nor did he show any comprehension of science. Kind of scary.
I was wondering HOW they actually got people to appear on the show..I mean didn't they ever watch it?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I sooooo wanted to see this. You ROCK!