It's All Thelma's Fault

I don't know when it happened. I really don't. But somewhere along the line, I've added roosters and chickens to my things of must haves. Here's today's addition. (We're not going to even talk about the two rooster throw rugs that came in the mail today. We're just not).
The rooster salt and pepper shakers were Monday's addition. I now LOOK for chickens and roosters when I go shopping! 

What the hell? And I've started sipping Wild Turkey, too, mixed in with diet coke. Thelma is growing on me, I tell you for damn true. I'm stopping at the raccoon, though. Everyone has to have a line in the sand. The skunks, snakes, and possums out in the garden can stay, but they ain't coming in. I have a line, people. A line!

Or is it Louise's fault? She started it with her Luther story and chickens!

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Clay said...

Be careful of getting hooked on chicken/rooster salt and pepper shakers. My stepmother's mother had hundreds (or thousands) of them on little racks all over her living room. When I was very small, she was afraid that I would damage them somehow, but I had no interest in them whatsoever. Just thought it was useless to have so many knick-knacks that always needed dusting. Still feel that way.