In the Ivy Lurks the Grasshoppers!

Slowly, the ivy and vinca plan their attack.
 The ivy makes its frontal approach, an all assault for the house.
It's wrapped around the deck, and reaches out, along with the rosebush, to grab us as we leave.
It waits by the front door.
The grasshopper watches from the ivy, waiting, waiting, waiting.
The ivy looks in the window, lurking ever ready. 
This dragonfly is on duty. 
 Even the butterflies are staking the house out now.
We may be sunk.


Science Mom said...

If that is English Ivy, I would tear it up pronto. They insert their tendrils deep into the siding or stucco of a house and you cannot get them out.

KWombles said...

Sigh. Noooooo!

Yeah, it's English ivy. My husband will be thrilled. I'm looking to see whether it hurts hardiboard. It's a bitch to get off, I know; a section of it died nearly two years ago, and I haven't been able to get it all off.

Apparently, English ivy isn't well liked. Sigh. So why would people sell it? Oh, and this is from like a dozen plants in all. You should see the vinca.