Glorious Sunflowers and A Good Week

It really is busy here, so I haven't had the time to read much in the way of autism news lately (and no Age of Autism at all!).

The girls are adjusting to school and the bus; we're busy here in the evenings as we have time devouring the Animated Batman series, Star Trek and ST:TNG (geeks don't make themselves, you know), and I'm busily teaching a full load and taking two courses. 

While Rick took out some sunflowers this weekend that had encroached on the driveway, the overwhelming bulk of the sunflowers remain (never fear, Lyn!).
Glorious, aren't they?

And that's just the front garden.
The back garden is full of sunflowers, chives, and sawleaf daisies.
 A sea of chives with sunflowers vying for room.
 They're in a staredown.
Reaching for the sky!

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Lyn said...

yay! Sunflowers look so cheerful