The girls had a pretty good first day at school, all in all. Still, there were some glitches to this day that left me frustrated.
Waiting on the afternoon bus. Their very first ride home on the bus. It was a long wait.
Even Lucy gave up on waiting. Did I mention it was 102 degrees outside? That’s hot, and I didn’t know exactly when the bus would be dropping them off, so I was out there for 20 minutes or so.
I did what I usually do while waiting; I took some photos.
It was a long wait.
No bus. sigh.
No bus here either.
Hell yes!
Bus is coming round the corner!
I don’t actually have photos of what happened next. I was too busy running after the bus, waving my arms and screaming for it to stop.  Apparently a middle aged woman standing at the edge of her driveway doesn’t signal mom waiting for kids to get off the bus. Either that or the driver was, ummm, not paying attention.
Not a warm fuzzy. Not at all. And when I called the school to let them know what had happened, the person I spoke to actually thought telling me it was okay, they had name tags with their addresses on them; they’d have eventually made it home was an appropriate way to handle the situation.
I left a message for the principal about the bus driver, and she left me a message saying she’d make sure the bus driver didn’t do that again. I still have to let the principal know about the comment by the staff member. Sigh.
Tomorrow, I do believe I’ll step into the road and block it, what say you?