Today was my first day back to the university I’m attending and the girls’ second day of school. The mornings are fairly smooth, with lots of time allotted for any of Rosie’s meltdowns so that they don’t add to anyone else’s stress levels.
They got off without any hitches, and the principal’s taken steps to make sure this afternoon will be smooth. I’ll be out there waiting, for sure.
I then had forty minutes to get myself  ready and out the door, and off to my classes I went. First up was intro to sociology, and yes, I’m still mystified that in the 220 plus hours I have that sociology wasn’t one of them. Well, it will be now. There are 70 puppies in that class, and I feel old. I’m 11 years older than the instructor. Sigh. Okay. Well, at least it will be an easy course, since I’d read several sociology texts since I had toyed with doing 18 graduate hours in the subject a few years ago to add another teaching field. I opted not to go that route based on it not being worth the 10 grand it would have cost.
And yes, if you’re wondering if I’ve intermittently toyed with majoring in every discipline, the answer is yes. Why do you think I have so many hours?
Next up was microbiology, taught by a colleague from my college and a fellow mom; that will be an enjoyable class (I’m sure the sociology class will, too, once I get a handle on that many bodies in that small a room). And then there was lab, which she’s also teaching, and then home I came. Those will be my Tuesdays and Thursdays until December 10. Doable, certainly. Busy enough for me? Perhaps not.
Tomorrow my classes I’m teaching at Cisco start, two sections of psychology, and one of developmental writing. Wednesdays are my busiest days, with six hours in the classroom.  And yet, still, not busy enough, I think.
Ah well, it’s the first week. Ask me in two and see if I still feel the same way.
Maybe if I hunt some woo to fight this weird off kilter feeling will go away.