When A Look Says it All, and in case it didn't....

Some days, it's just best to steer clear, you know? No drama today, at least none that I haven't made on my own, and I don't intend to make any.

Everyone needs drama-free days. Everyone has the right to have a day off from the incessant internet autism wars. And every now and then, perhaps folks ought to check themselves to make sure they aren't part of the problem.

I'm not saying you don't fight the woo. I'm not saying you don't point out faulty reasoning. But maybe you don't do it with something approaching glee?

And when you run across someone who's obviously off the deep end, well, maybe instead of engaging the person directly, you back up and move on? Because that ain't a fight you're gonna win. Maybe asking why you fight it directly head on with said crazy person when you know the person will only escalate the rhetoric is something to be considered.

Not all battles have to be fought. Not all battles should be.

Instead, take a moment and relax. Breathe. Find the joy and the beauty in the world and for a moment contemplate how uniformly awful that other person's life must be to live within that vortex of foaming-at-the-mouth rage, how the need to lash out and strike others must well up in the person until it is a compulsion. Feel pity, if you must, compassion if you can, but learn to back up and away from those people.

Take a day off from the drama and find something beautiful!


Lyn said...

Good advice. As drama gives me terrible stomach aches and ect.
I like that cat. I like cats in general. Shame they make me sneeze, but there's rabbits to consider, which I'd like another of.

Niksmom said...

"Take a day off from the drama and find something beautiful!"


kathleen said...

Yup! all work and too much drama make jack a dull boy...step away from the drama..it would do many a world of good. :)

Anonymous said...

"In my case, saving the world was only a hobby." -- Edward Abbey

Clay said...

Yeah, it's tiresome. Nobody ever really listens, nobody ever really "wins".