Saturday Offerings: Links!

It's the weekend! And, to be honest with you, it feels like a lazy weekend to me.  I hope everyone has the chance to kick back and relax.

I wandered over to Age of Autism, looked at Martin Walker's nuttiness. He thinks there's actually an "international corporate lobby Skeptics." I thought about deconstructing it, but then read this "Sinister Skeptics + Health Fascism = LULZ." (this post has been deleted for some reason; it's copied in the comments). For some reason, AoA let the content of this post be posted as a comment on Walker's post. It's a great deconstruction, so I don't think I need to reinvent the wheel on it. Plus, I wasn't kidding: it feels like a lazy weekend to me, all except for the dreaded trip to Walmart.

I found in a rather circuitous route, a new (to me) blog, The Fat One in the Middle, that has absolutely nothing to do with autism or disability, and everything to do with skepticism. The blogger seems to have a keen sense of humor. I got to her blog by way of the Woo Fighters blog.

I wrote a post on the Judge Rotenberg Center, which you can read either at RFID or over at Scientific Blogging. Of course, I think it's worth your time to look at, so I hope you'll click on over and consider the moral and ethical questions pertaining to how we care for those who are most vulnerable. I'm pretty sure shocking and pinching aren't it.

Having wandered the blogosphere and Huffington Post to see what's new and offered up this post of musings and links, I've finished my first gargantuan cup of coffee and have no further excuses to keep me from wandering into Walmart. Drats.

After Walmart, the lazy weekend will definitely commence!


kathleen said...

Are you at Walmart now???! gasp....

KWombles said...

Back from Walmart and exhausted. It will be a lazy day whether I wanted it to be or not.

David said...

The link doesn't work for some reason- looks like the article was taken down.

We could debate who is the worst AoA member or contributor, but Walker is undoubtedly the most blatantly disgraceful. Did AoA decide that being described as "Liar For Hire" by Brian Deer meant that they had to take him on?

Off-track, but I haven't noticed anything new from Crosby in a while.

KWombles said...

David, it sure does. He or someone else posted it (unfortunately, it's not clear what's the deconstruction and what's Walker's words) at AoA: