Putting quotes around something doesn't make it not so

It must be a slow week over at aoa that they run a short, nasty bit on Brian Deer by "Jake Crosby" -- see the quotes around your name don't really do much, do they, kinda like your quotes around journalist don't really make Brian Deer not a journalist. There's no doubt, no question, that Deer is journalist. And Deer placing pictures of himself on a page called Brian Deer's pictures doesn't fit the definition of narcissism.

I do begin to see the problem, though. The folks over at AoA must not have access to a dictionary or a good grammar book, either. And rather than dealing with OSR#1 going off the market, they decide to attack Deer.

How about the daily newspaper of the autism epidemic cover some of the horrific stories on autism? You know, like Neli Latson still sitting in jail? Or the story about the 8 year old girl who was handcuffed and arrested at her school? What about the young autistic man who was left in the van and died?

Nope. None of that matters, not like attacking Deer and then letting the readers see who can offer a more offensive response.

I mean, really, of all the things that face those in the autism community, the daily newspaper of the autism epidemic had nothing better to do than to train Jake Crosby in hate? That's how they reach out and help adult autistics? Nice.


Socrates said...

Jake is attempting to what Ari has done, and puff his CV. He's doing it badly.

He has been warned about the consequences of his foolishness but he is bedazzled by Stagolitz's ringlets.

He'll probably go work for Wakefield as his PR man.

He's spent to much time reading the New Republic - he get's the being stupid bit. He doesn't get the point though.

Neither has he sensed the wind changing.

Sirenity said...

Nice post Kim!
Kinda funny isn't it? That Age of Autism often uses childish tactics?

This is clearly the "Look over there" tactic that my children used when they were teeny. You know, where Mom walks in the room and sees all the cookies dumped out of the tin and onto the floor and the guilty child starts crying "Brother BIT ME!! WAAAAA" so that you can address the bite rather than the cookie theft!

Age of Idiots have no recourse concerning OSR#1. They most certainly have nothing of value to add concerning the current news stories concerning autistic persons as the current news does not concern big pharma or vaccines.

Sullivan said...

I too thought AoA must be having a slow week to run this piece.

I am constantly ashamed by autism bloggers who use phrases derived from actual conditions. NPD is a serious condition, not a joke. Using narcissist as a slam is bad taste in general, but really bad from a supposedly disability related blog.

I also have issues with "idiot", "moron", "imbecile"...all the old terms for severity of intellectual disability. I know they permeate the language, but I think it is time they went away, especially as insults. I see this from bloggers of many sides of the fence in autism issues.

Back to Mr. Crosby's piece. It is pretty much content free, just a bunch of invective strung together. I did laugh out loud at someone from AoA claiming another site is the biggest source of misinformation. Was that an accusation or a lament that AoA has competition?

The author said...

Hey Soc, there is all this business about who is and who is not the Daddy of Gadfly's you or Jonathan. Well I have been bitten to the point of indolence by bloody gadfly's and they are not the metaphorical ones unfortunately.

Ari Schmari, what does it matter so long as the boy loves his mother :) (old Freudian joke)

Only ever met Clement meself, Lucien would be a bit too much, even though Clem was yattering on about him.

Well Siggi notwithstanding, without him would Deleuze and Guatarri ever have got it together ?

I really get so involved in political correctness I don't know what to make of Jake, but if he were an NT I'd call him a bloody shovel :)

The author said...

Well puffing CV's and all, I have been to CV workshops and all that jazz the trouble is with being me, that there really is not room in the conventional CV to tell what is the truth. So many people lie on there CV's or exaggerate that when someone liek me states the facts they are not believed even though they could all be independantly verified.

I do recall when my mum and I were trying to set up an advice service, and we had been offered space in the local tourist information centre of all places, that we were jointly interviewed by the chief librarian, little did I know then he had an autistic son, little did I know that I was autistic, but when he asked me if I knew of the local autistic society I was able to give the correct answer :)

It really is hard to get one over on me, and I am sorry but that is the way it is. Jake is a joke.

Benjamin X said...

It's not often that the age of autism has a post so bad even the title is a logical fallacy.

kathleen said...

What was the point of "that" "post"?
I found it "odd"..and really..it served no "purpose"..it was even kind of "childish"..Perhaps they are all on "vacation"?.I like the quotation marks though..:)

Sullivan said...

Brian Deer redirected the link Mr. Crosby gave. Now parents clicking on it are redirected to his lancet summary page.


"Nailed: Dr Andrew Wakefield
and the MMR - autism fraud"

Socrates said...

Hey Rex,

I'm just playing to the gallery. I've got a career to think about too.

I am, I have to admit, a little bitter about the poverty of my parents. But that's Old People for you - all expense and no income.

I'm sure the Brokeback Boys will find them gainful employment.

Mitchell just whines pointlessly. My angst is delivered focused. I'm on a mission. It's v v secret so don't let on.

You would've noticed - I'm back from the dead. I have a little list. Some have been missed.

Anonymous said...


Clay said...

I'm sure that Jakeboy is doing the best he can, tragically disabled and disfigured as he is by his mother's teeth fillings. What a shame - if only she'd had something sensible for breakfast instead of sugary Cocoa Puffs, he could have been a bleedin' genius!

Hmm, my verification word is "zingskil".