Parentdish, Judge Rotenberg Center, and Commenters Beyond the Pale

Parentdish picked up the Judge Rotenberg Center story and the commenters are proving that AoA doesn't hold a candle to how inhumane people can be. Many of the comments are beyond the pale, with individuals writing nastiness like this:

"$200,000. a year per student? I say euthinize them, what benefit are they to society?"

Please go to parentdish and leave feedback (click link to go directly to feedback form) that they need a moderation policy that doesn't allow individuals to call for mercy killings and euthanasia for those with disabilities. Makes you almost think fondly of the AoAers; they may be over the top at times and way over the line, but almost none of them are as bad as some of the commenters at parentdish are. Oh, and I don't care what side you're on; you don't get to suggest someone should be killed, even if it's in response to something like the comment above.

Bloggers covering the Judge Rotenberg Center story itself (in addition to the Parentdish article) are:

Left Brain Right Brain. (1)

Left Brain Right Brain. (2)

Left Brain Right Brain (3) on Justice Dept investigation Feb 2010.

Left Brain Right Brain (4)

Action for Autism.

Older coverage:

Tourette Syndrome "Plus" Blog

Club 166.


Autism Diva in 2007.

Mother Jones 2007 story.

2008 Open Letter to Matthew Israel and the JRC.

Aferrismoon (interesting, with pictures of Judge Rotenberg Center, apparently)

A radical behaviorist's position:

Bill Ahearn's blog. (A note: just because caregivers give consent and a judge okays it doesn't mean it's in the client's best interests, lest we forget lobotomies and forced sterilizations)

News Stories:

Boston Globe.

CNN from 2006.

ABC News. (current coverage)

Judge Rotenberg Center Sites:

Judge Rotenberg Center, with 115 page response to MDRI report available. Also make sure you take the time to look at the photos available on the site.

Website appearing to belong to Matthew Israel of the Judge Rotenberg Center, explaining the justification for skin-shock. Many full length papers are provided relating to skin shock.

Back to the commenters beyond the pale:

Bloggers covering Parentdish's apparent complete lack of moderation, allowing for individuals to call for euthanasia (and tit for tat, to suggest it's a shame those calling for mercy killings weren't victims of the construct themselves):

Kathleen at Autism Blogs Directory and Respect for Infinite Diversity.

Summer and Eve at Douchetopia.

Liz Ditz.

And me, here. Let Parentdish know that refusing to deal with comments like that is unacceptable.

I hope you'll be adding links to your posts in the comment sections.


kathleen said...

Thanks Kim-I hope that people do take the time to do this..

Lyn said...

Arg, that's sick! I don't think my delicate stomach can take that!