A Good Weekend of Work

The weekend began with the gardens in disarray (although looking better than last week).

The front garden is much improved.

That's a lot of seeds to be spread around!

The front garden doesn't look half-bad!

There are pockets of bloom still to be found and the roses are gorgeous.

It's easy to breathe deeply and feel refreshed when surrounded by the beauty of flowers and the satisfaction of work well done.

Walking inside to take a break, it's nice to be greeted by the cool of air conditioning and the sounds of three children happily engaged in their favorite activities.

It's a joy to leave lunch in the hands of your oldest, although it was a fortunate catch that I checked the hot dog buns before he put the hot dogs in them (had to explain moldy to him!). He did great, all in all, and we enjoyed the lunch tremendously.

But the garden work is never done, and there's always time to stop and smell the roses.

Occasionally, though, you sit for a well-deserved spell. If I'd been thinking, I would have brought him a beer instead of a diet sprite. My husband makes my gardens possible. Thank you, dear, for your mostly complaint free and always tireless efforts (and for not making me stick my hands in the dirty pond water to clean the filter, most of all!).

The back garden is still very much a mess, although we did eat some sweet grapes right off the vine.

We admired the frogs, who have grown fat and complacent.

And the miracle fish:

It's good to take a break from your worries. It's good to find work that allows you to be in the flow. It's great to stop and just enjoy your family and the lives you've worked so hard to create. When things are good, you should do what Vonnegut suggests, look around, and say, "If this isn’t nice, what is?"


kathleen said...

Absolutely...if you don't take the time to appreciate all that you have..well then-what's the point? How can you strive for possibility if you are just mired in the weeds? Lovely pictures..:)

Corina Becker said...

that reminds me, I should share my pictures of my garden from June time. It was very beautiful.

Glad you all had such a good weekend

Attila the Mom said...

Love the pics!!

Kim Wombles said...

Corina, I'd love to see your garden pics.

Thanks, Kathleen and Attila the Mom! :-)

Clay said...

Flowers, family, frogs, and fish. All great pics, and much to be proud of, to sit back and enjoy.

Lyn said...

I love the star trek figure

and froggies. Great pictures