Well, there you go. Beliefs make it so. No science needed.

A year ago I started this blog in direct response to censorship from AoA. I missed the one year anniversary, May 28th. Here's the first post that didn't deal specifically with the censorship, my rebuttals, and my email to Stag that went unanswered. Surprisingly, nothing's really changed except for the amount of woo, the sheer openness of their anti-vaccine stance and the increasing disconnect between reality and some of their commentators. It's all the same, just more of it. I don't suppose I've changed much, either, though, right? Just more snark, more ammunition and more science to counter it. :-) Ain't that right?

"It’s long been the belief among Defeat Autism Now (DAN) practitioners and parents that some combination of toxins and infections are responsible for autism." -- Kent Heckenlively, Esq

I don't know that I really need to go far with this. I mean, stupid just kind of hits you right between the eyes at times.

If you keep reading his post, you're going to have a hell of a headache.

So apparently, it's not just mercury these kids are poisoned with, it's arsenic, too. Huh. Didn't know that. And, gads, the swine flu is a versatile thing isn't it? Here they're using it to prove children with autism have heavy metal toxicity and they were infected with viruses as well. Oh, wait a minute, there are vaccines that could protect kids from viruses, but then, according to the AoAsters, the vaccines would lead to autism because of the heavy metals that would poison them, you know?

And down the rabbithole we go.

Kudos. Kent, for a post that defied logic.

This gem is also noteworthy: "What about the aluminum, or the mercury that’s still used in the process of making the vaccines and in many flu shots? What about the formaldehyde, the lead, the cadmium, the monkey and dog kidney, as well as various animal and supposedly inactivated human viruses?"

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