I am grateful.

I am well.

I am loved.

My children laugh and giggle.

They are well.

They are happy.

They are loved.

My husband is well.

And satisfied.

And loved.

My parents, my brothers, my niece, all well, all loved.

We are whole and complete, as we are, with all our attending issues, because we are understood and appreciated as we are, with all our attending issues.

We are grateful.

For each other, for what we have, what we work each day towards achieving.

We are not mired in despair, though, occasionally, our challenges are significant.

We find  much to be joyful of and to delight in.

I find joy and delight.

In family.

In friends.

In community.

In the world around me.

In a flower opening to bloom.

In a frog hopping from the pond.

In the tiny fish that now swim in the pond.

In students who are happy to learn (what a true joy).

In a job that matters.

In an online community of friends who add so much to my life.

What more could one ask for?


kathleen said...

maybe some cake? hee! ((()))

KWombles said...

Hee, definitely cake. :-) But I'll settle for popcorn and root beer!

Clay said...

Nice post.

Did you put in new fish?

KWombles said...

Apparently, over-chlorinated water doesn't kill fish eggs, so we have baby fish from the ones I helped pass onto the next life. :-) Dozens and dozens of them. I just can't manage to get any really good pictures yet because of the mirroring effect of the water.