A T and L Duet: Trussie Tries to Break Daddy Sore-Bottom Free

A happy Friday to everyone. As a welcome interlude from deconstructing the woefully outrageous arguments of people who would misread the instructions on how to put a roll of toilet paper on the paper holder, Thelma and Louise thought they would share the latest going-ons in Stink Creek. I'm sure you've noticed that Stink Creek is just full of fascinatingly complex individuals who often need a bit of help. Thelma and Louise, as matrons in their community, do their bit to help. And much like our own family motto here of "Issues, multitudinous and many, we've got issues, but that's okay, because you've got issues, too," even Stink Creek's most upstanding citizens have issues. The real difference in Stink Creek compared to the wider world, is that acceptance is a requirement, and helping a neighbor a high calling.

I'm out to tend the garden, and wishing you all a pleasant day. --Kim

Trussie Tries to Break Daddy Sore-Bottom Free

Thelma here, taking a spell in between the heat of the day and the fightin off of dumbasses. We're on a right pickle here, danged if I cain't admit it myself. Shew. Now, we all know and love that Stink Creek is an acceptin town. We got all kinds of folks here, ain't no doubt. And we welcome em one and all, with love and compassion and an occasional whack to set em straight when they go off the deep end.

We thought we'd gotten Trussie tended to, sent off to learn miming with Edna, but he skipped out on the miming vacation, left Edna all alone in that make believe box. Willa hightailed it to her best friend's side, though, so that's another trouble maker outa town for awhile.

Daddy Sore-Bottom's still up at the Sisters, but he started making racket about wanting a lawyer and to be free to continue practicing his religion of spank til ya see Jesus. See, the Sisters ain't big on nonsense and won't let him strip bare and commence to spanking, so word got out to him that Trussie was in town again, and off Trussie was to the Sisters for a brand new client and a hot new cause: finding Daddy Sore-Bottom's freedom and the establishment of his new church, what he was feeling called to do, to minister to the poor misguided people of Stink Creek.

All a body had to do was be walking into the Sisters' Subway down the hill from the hospital, and they could here Daddy-Sore-Bottom (as almost everyone in town had taken to callin him) a preaching from the ER entrance of the Sisters. Of course, he was buck-naked, and he'd made a bible from the brown paper towels and crayons the Sisters had let him have. He'd stuck the bible together with bits of chewed food, so it was a bit of a smelly mess, but it didn't slow him down none, that's for damn true.

Hell, even Luther, as he tended the Sisters' hens, looked on at Daddy SB as if he were few sheets short. Milo watched from the window of his room, shaking his head in mystification.  The Sisters figured it might be time to transfer Daddy SB to their nearby sisters' facility for the more-far gone, as even Daddy SB was beginning to wear on the town's nerves, and the sisters, as well.

Trussie waddled his way on up to the sisters to conspire with Daddy SB, and of course that town statue came up again; Trussie thought it ought to be used in the new church in place of a Jesus statue. That had Daddy SB, spittle-flecked and screaming. Took the sisters a time to get him settled down, but not before the hens refused to lay anymore eggs

Louise chimes in~

Well hell!! Trussie and Daddy SB together in  one room!  Boy howdy!  Spewin  out anger like the gas from a senior's sphincter...on account they aint got no control and don't right care!   Daddy SB shakin his big ol red behind callin it  penance to aid his son..sayin "with this spank he shall be healed!" and cryin that he saw his boys shadow on groundhog day an that was PROOF that his saggy hiney was tha way to tha light. All the while beggin Trussie to bend him over his knee!  Trussie got so caught up in tha situation he complied. Well don't that put the pasties on a peacock! Big fat Trussie with daddy SB laid over his knees, spankin away. Hell they got so caught up in tha moment they plumb forgot just what it was they was doin together!  Trussie would give a whack and Daddy Sb would yell out..things like"he gave me a flag on flag day..he gave me boxes on boxing day.Give it to me good Trussie!  .Independence day is a comin!" Then he cried like a baby..sayin he wadn't ashamed cause they was a gifts from his boy through the intervention of tha lord! On account of him bein a modern day Abraham offerin his buttocks like a new age Issac!  Well praise tha lord an pass the prozac!  They was both in need of some intervention an whatnot!

  Trussie thought this would be his big case. Somethin to put him on tha map!  Somethin to make my gal Thelma pay attention to him..And Daddy Sb..well he was mad aint no one really takin him serious an such. Makin up all kinds a stories bout his son an whatnot. The crazier tha better!  Hell aint none of us would be suprised iffen he says his son was ressurected an such next Easter!  Well tha sisters didn't have no choice but ta seperate em. Puttin them on opposite ends of the ward. They let Trussie go on home after a few hours.  They figure he'll just keep filin flimsy lawsuits an such. Besides Luther's chickens seemed ta take a shine to him. No harm no fowl iffen ya ken me?  As for daddy SB? Well tha sisters put him in a special locked ward..only in this ward tha rooms aint padded, the underpants is. Iffen that don't work, I got me a couple a places in VEGAS! he might take to-that's for damn true!

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