Supporting Skeptics Who Speak Up

Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch is being sued by Doctor's Data. You can read all about the suit directly at Quackwatch, as well as reading Orac's take on it. If you'd like to contribute to Barrett's defense fund, you can do so here.

Other bloggers speaking up on Barrett's defense are listed below.

Liz Ditz

David Brown.

Silenced By Age of Autism

Woo Fighters (another group using a similar name to the one we, the merry band of woo fighters, began using last summer-- you can never have enough woo fighters!)

ICBS Everywhere (blogger who posted on the above Woo Fighters site)


Monica Pignotti

If you run across other bloggers supporting Stephen Barrett, let me know and I'll add them to the list.


M Pignotti said...

Thank you for bringing more much needed attention to this important issue of the attempt to silence people who are speaking out against questionable practices. There is another law suit that is being brought by Ronald Federici, PsyD of Virginia, against his critics. He lost the first round and now is appealing it. Although it is highly doubtful he could win, it certainly has the potential of greatly wasting his critics' time and resources. For details:
Also see:
The website of the advocacy organization he is suing.

Attila The Mom said...

Thanks for posting this. I just sent a donation for the defense fund.

KWombles said...

Thank you for the information, Dr. Pignotti.

Attila, I'm sure every donation helps, both financially and psychologically.

It's daunting, almost like being Don Quixote, to stand up and say this is wrong, this is dangerous, and risk being threatened and being sued, all while being careful to back up the claims you're making. Dr. Barrett is brave.