The Rest of The Story: FDA and Proposed Changes in Vaccine Policy (and a whole bunch of crazy)

Barbara Loe Fisher looks like a sweet grandma, doesn't she? She starts off with her personal story, so you'll feel sympathy for her.

AoA runs her story, without her video and footnotes, today. You should, if you've got seven minutes to kill, you really should go to her site, linked above, to watch her. She's dressed in a soft pink dress suit (well, at least the blazer; she could be in shorts, for all I know). After giving you her personal story so your sympathy is invoked, she pushes her non-profit organization (don't forget, this non-profit gives her a 40K salary a year so that she can make these you-tube videos).

She goes on for quite a bit, keeping just the right tone and inflection to convince the reader that she is in earnest about protecting the public, that industry and government are in collusion with each other to add that dangerous stockpiled squalene.

Here's what the register actually shows:

"Constituent materials regulated under Sec. 610.15 (21 CFR 610.15) include ingredients, preservatives, diluents, adjuvants, extraneous protein and antibiotics that are contained in a biological product. FDA is proposing to amend the regulation for constituent materials at Sec. 610.15 to allow the Director of CBER or the Director of CDER, as appropriate, to approve an exception or alternative to the requirements under Sec. 610.15, when data submitted with the exception or alternative establish the safety, purity, and potency of the biological product. This proposed rule provides manufacturers of biological products with flexibility, as appropriate, to employ advances in science and technology as they become available, without diminishing public health protections. Examples of how the proposed rule would provide flexibility to manufacturers in the use of preservatives and aluminum in biological products are provided below. However, the proposed rule would also provide flexibility to the existing requirements regarding extraneous protein and antibiotics (Sec. 610.15(b) and (c)), provided that each request for an alternative or exception to these requirements is submitted with data that establish the safety, purity, and potency of the biological product."

Okay, it's fair enough to call attention to the proposed change, to request folks take the time to offer their opinions on how they feel about this proposed change. I really don't have a problem with that in and of itself. Is Fisher over the top? Yeah, a bit, but not much compared to the anti-vaccine folks at AoA. In fact, she looks reasonable in comparison.

I mean really, really reasonable in comparison:

"Tis better to poison and infiltrate the population so that they too can join the sickened and dependent on the next new miracle drug, which never cures, but makes you a long term customer. There agenda is showing. Are we listening to it, or taking part? We are if we say a vaccine can be made safer!!!!! Because that still gives them liscence to hide and propogate more vaccines on us. Until we understand the converse relationship of consumerism and profits, we shall have new vaccines introduced every year for our stupid consumption....For the sheeple, they line up for anything without question. The dumbing down eugenics routine sure is working...." --#1 

"While you can confidently predict that the end is coming for this system - it has over-reached itself - it is just terrible to think of the carnage on the way." #2 

"Okay, it's official, they simply want us dead." #3 

"good god.. this is bad...so a manufacturer could propose adding paint thinner to vaccines or completely alter the ingredients altogether and all it takes is the approval of one person." #4

That isn't even the cream of the crop of the crazy over there. Not even close. But, hey, Stagliano's right; they do provide a fair share of my material. Yes, as if I wanted the world to have in its midst crazy conspiracy theorist driven nuts who really think the government and industry is intentionally maiming and killing its citizens. To what frakking end would that serve? Really?


Lyn said...

But if they wanted everyone dead... how would they make tons of money?

Sheldon said...

See what happens when you check google reader before you finish adding an entry to your blog?

You end up revising it.

Kwombles, you certainly point out how wacky Fisher's blog entry is. Better than I did.

But I think I score by pointing out that this is a change that vaccination safety advocates should really support.

Take a look.


Sullivan said...

Love the "DNA from a lethal pig virus".

Lethal, that is, if your child is a baby pig.

These people know no shame.

David said...

"Okay, it's official, they simply want us dead."
So how is Big Pharma supposed to make money off dead customers?

It's quite surreal that the anti-vax movement is trying to revive the squalene card, when the facts that it's entirely natural, harmless and has been in use for decades were explained last fall.

Sullivan said...

Squalene is found it....girl scout cookies.

Will BLF put out a direct-to-youtube call for the ban of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)?

"Squalene is in GSC. Do you really want GSC in your children? Has anyone tested GSC for fatal pig viruses? No!?!?"

There are real vaccine safety advocates. The Age of Autism blog doesn't represent them. The "National" Vaccine "Information" Center is not one such organization.

David said...

Compared to AoA and GR, NVIC is "reputable", in that what Fisher reports tends to be technically correct, rather than garbled, distorted, or complete fantasy. Getting on board with the already-discredited scare about a substance naturally produced by humans and animals is a major step down for her. Is AoA's paranoia and telephone-game reporting contagious?

Kcnh said...

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