Yes, The Reason AoA is Resoundingly Rejected By Many

"But imagine how it feels for those with Asperger's and HFA as they learn that maybe this diagnosis isn't a purely genetic situation? Maybe it "happened" to them? It explains some of the intense anger and backlash we see from them. It must be breathtaking to realize that maybe life didn't have to be so challenging, despite the upside many feel and see from their diagnosis."  -- Kim Stagliano

You know, the only ones arguing autism as a "purely genetic situation" are the AoAers. The medical and psychological communities have long recognized that autism has both genetic and environmental mediators.

The reason folks are mad at anti-vaccine altmed wackawoos is that their portrayal of autism and their pursuit to recover damaged goods are harmful to autistic people specifically and society in general.


Lyn said...

I have tried to point this out several places, how damaging that "VACCINES TOOK AWAY MY CHILD" idea is to people with autism.

Belinda the Nobody said...

Well, geeze. It can't be possible, that the "intense anger" I feel is because of something... like... one, the fact that they keep spewing that "It waz the evil vaxs!!11!1!", when it, you know, wasn't. And two, the whole thing with too many people not vaccinating and diseases becoming more common again; endangers people like my one real life friend [her immune system is crude.]. If she has the misfortune to come across it, chances are, she'll catch it. And she'll catch it -bad-. You don't even want to know how things like poison ivy mess her up, for pete's sake.

But, noooo, it must be because "it 'happened'" to me. *eye roll*

kathleen said...

intense anger and backlash??? Holy crap-anyone reading the spew on AoA would feel intense anger...I know they piss me off.

Roger Kulp said...

I won't be the first to say this, but I'm sure a lot of these antivax parents,are always telling their kids "you would have been normal if...",which as has been said here,only leads to self-hatred and suicide.

But just as I wonder how many on the spectrum have serious intellectual disability,without having DS,or Fragile X,I wonder how many only have AS or HFA,like Jake Crosby,or Ari Ne'eman do.

I realize the majority of those on the spectrum,do not have mitochondrial disease,or in my family's case,complex metabolic syndromes related to MTHFR,but what about all the other crap?

Learning disabilities, developmental delay,motor apraxias,motor planning disorder, dysgraphia,dyscalculia,ad nauseum. Some of this stuff I have been able to overcome,some of it I haven't.It would seem to me that most people on the spectrum,have a lot of these other issues, and those who just have HFA/AS would be a minority,just like those with intellectual disability,or metabolic disease are.

Has anybody broken down the numbers on this?

Roger Kulp said...

Further proof these wack-a-loons have messed up their kid's minds more than vaccines ever could


There was a teenager who stood up and made a speech explaining that his parents believed he had been diagnosed with autism because of vaccinations, and he had been cured because of alternative therapies. Throughout the speech, he kept repeating his parents believed this and his parents believed that. Parents often believe lots of things that they pass along to their children; it doesn’t make it true.

And then there's this: