Wakefield as a Sinking Ship

Wednesday, I posted live through the live stream of the wackawoos' rally in Chicago. Okay, until I got bored with it and took my daughters outside to swim. I've had the opportunity now to watch Wakefield's speech, joy joy, and although several others have covered his worst moments, well, how can I not?

First, though, Habakus introduces Wakefield, and what she gets wrong is important to note. Habakus thinks out of all the things that need to be researched, vaccines should be at the TOP of the government's agenda. Never mind that vaccines in fact go through testing.  Habakus insists that the "science that must be done isn't being done." I wonder what science that is precisely? Ahh, never mind, must be Wakefield's monkeys, because she asserts the "people who try to do the research are being condemned and destroyed."

The loudest cheers of the rally are heard when she announces she's reached that "special time" to introduce Wakefield. I love that Wakefield is a bestselling author before his book even became available. Well, if Amazon says it's #11, it must be hot, hot, hot!

Habakus really likes Andy (interesting how he's Andy now, everyone's best friend?) and gushes that he "represents the honest pursuit of scientific inquiry." If this were true, then we are all well and truly frakked.

Why does she think Andy lost his country? Did England throw his ass out? Or is it that he realized he had a ready base of sycophantic parents willing to lap up his every word over here in America?

One of the first things he brings up is his informal dress and asserts he's not a troublemaker. Nah.... I wouldn't call him a troublemaker.

The next thing up is that quote from the mother who tells Andy (heck, why not?) that when she dies, she's taking her child with her because she's the only one that loves him (with love like that, I'd certainly pass). Andy says he didn't judge her at all, but he was moved by the love of a mother for her child to kill the child. That isn't love. That's someone who isn't thinking rationally. Period. There can be no justification of this act. None. It is not acceptable.

Andy says that's been motivating to him. Umm, to what, fearmonger so as to reduce vaccination rates, increase the rate of infant and child mortality so that less children make it to adulthood to outlive their parents? Seriously, and then he has the brass balls to say he thinks we're at a turning point emerging from very dark times? What the hell is that? Christ, then he's labeling autism a worldwide pandemic. He then raises the strawman of a "purely genetic model." There has never been a purely genetic model. And if he were really an autism expert, he'd know that. He'd know that there has always been an awareness of the interplay of environment and genetics. As a physician, he really ought to be aware that very few things are "purely genetic" and that the environment almost always plays a role in how genetic disorders are manifested.

Why? Why do people listen to Doctor Andy? Because he gives them what they're looking for: they're right, they're interpretations are right. They know best; their interpretation of a link between vaccines and autism are right. Of course they listen to him, he's like god providing manna from heaven. He strokes their egoes and they stroke his. He then prattles on about "the denial of those children's rights time and time again." Seriously? This man, this person, who's foisted on thousands of children who've come to Thoughtful House potentially unnecessary and certainly traumatic colonoscopies? Seriously?

Ah, but it's all good, because it's all about a revolution. Wakefield badmouths the APA, badmouths the infectious diseases that are making a comeback. Wakefield says he's ashamed; it's too damn bad he's not ashamed of what he's done. He makes it clear that anecdote is key and "not to pander to the whims of public health."

And then he excuses himself, brings in big tobacco.

He then says several times: "I am in fact irrelevant." Best damned quote. He is.

No wonder these few, these desperate, love him. He gives them exactly what they want. It is only as parents realize that he has given them emptiness, vacuum, that they will begin to back away, to look for something of substance and value. The few, the egotistic, will remain. Even if they do, in a Freudian way, tell him to f%$k off.

****Just checked on Amazon, Wakefield's back down to 99.*****


kathleen said...

definitely one for the dumbassologists to study...holy crap, actually saying you would take your child with you when you die!!!!!!! That "Andy" may be irrelevent..he's also irresponsible, irrational, irritating...and more than likely irregular..

Sullivan said...

Check other online sites--the book never budged.

In other words--this is just a simple manipulation of Amazon.

AoA has posted that Kim Stagliano, Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted were at Autism One. Why didn't they get on the bus to the Wakefield picnic?

David said...

A quip I thought up on Wakefield's misfortunes: Not only are the rats deserting the sinking ship, the fleas are deserting the sinking rats!

Sullivan said...

I have heard that a book faire was going on and Mr. Blaxill, Mr. Olmsted and Ms. Stagliao were there instead of at the small gathering in Chicago.