Sure, there's no sniping on AoA

For your early morning amusement, I bring you this nugget:

"We have mdae editorial decisions that affect our moderation, yes. And because of that, we have avoided the cesspool of sniping and autism denial on so many other sites." --Stagliano on Age of Autism's facebook page.

Of course, AoA is not a cesspool. Autism denial? Is that what they're calling it nowadays when someone disagrees with their rhetoric?


Margaret Romao Toigo said...

Ms. Stagliano also wrote, "It does feel like we moderate comments in our sleep after all," on AoA's Facebook page.

Indeed, it must be a 24/7/365 job.

AoA quite probably receives numerous comments about the abundance of ignorance -- as well as flat-out made up stuff -- contained in every article/infomercial published there.

And if AoA was unmoderated, such comments would very likely outnumber those of their credulous regular readers by at least 10 to 1.

Sirenity said...

wow, that is truly incredible! I love the 'autism denial'... These people are just not right...

KWombles said...

Todd's got a nice post on this: http://silencedbyageofautism.blogspot.com/2010/05/kim-stagliano-we-dont-censor-we.html