Short Response to AoA

Hungry JB has another "hungry lie" post up; this time over Frontline.

Don't bother to read it; it's the same old thing. My short response: not even wrong and beyond pathetic.


kathleen said...

...sigh..love the logic that the producer of Frontline sat with J.B. and discussed vaccines!!! J.B. told him how it was!! Spent two hours with him...that's 120 minutes..and still Frontline wouldn't back AoA!! Hmmm..wonder why???

storkdok said...

I just asked JB if it ever occurred to him that he might be wrong.

Sullivan said...

Perhaps JB Handley, Rashid Buttar, Jay Gordon and Robert Sears should admit something--

it is precisely because of their interviews and other activities that Frontline made the documentary it did.

It is precisely because JB Handley isn't convincing.

There was a time when the message was able to convince some people, and to convince more people that "it just may be plausible"

That's when JB Handley was pulled into the "mercury militia".

Times have changed.

JB Handley wants to pretend like it is "all vaccines", "the schedule", "too many, too soon".

Check Generation Rescue's 990 form for 2008--the year of the Green Our Vaccines Rally. What was GR's purpose? Mercury.

What did Jenny McCarthy say about "Green Vaccines" to the producers? She said there is no green vaccine.

What about Desiree Jennings? When asked about Desiree Jennings (the Reskins cheerleader who claimed dystonia from a flu shot), JB Handley dodged he question about whether it mattered if the story was true. He talked about the truth being "expanded" and "exaggerated".

Maybe Frontline decided they didn't want to be used in JB Handley's "exaggerations" of the truth?

Read JB's full interview. He dodges questions left and right. When asked about whether he seems to be trying to shut down the whole program, Handley skips the question and answers one of his own.

I guess the army working to "bring the US vaccine program to its knees" was obvious to the producers of Frontline even through JB's attempted smokescreen.

I mean, really, does JB Handley think the only research they did on him was a two hour interview?

Loving My Family said...

I love the that the the interview with JB is there in black and white. It demonstrates quite clearly why the documentary does not focus on him-he clearly demonstrates that he is out in left field.

David N. Brown said...

"990 form for 2008"
I was interested in looking this up, but could only find through 2007. Could you direct me to where I can view it?