Scorching, Burning Irony

  • After you read Callous Disregard leave a review on Amazon please. Use your name and declare any "conflict" unlike the whackosphereabout an hour ago
  • AAP gets the last word on NBC "Vaccines do not cause autism" in statement read. US Vax court says differently. Stay tuned for more. about an hour ago

Does anyone else find it mindblowing that the AoAers actually think evidence-based folks are the wackosphere?

And, no the  "US Vax court" doesn't say differently. Two cases, Hannah Poling and Bailey Banks, do not replace the studies. Court decisions and settlements do not replace science. 

Kristina Chew wrote on Bailey Banks' case back in 2009. Also of interest is Gorski's coverage (thanks, Science Mom, for the link). Offit wrote on the Poling case. And isn't it cute that they ignore the cases that were not settled in the vaccines-cause-autism favor. 

Seriously, two cases, that's what the AoAers are going to rest their argument on? That and Bernedette Healy and the discredited Wakefield? Talk about shaky, shaky ground.


Chris said...

Ah, so this explains a response to a negative review of the book. It had something to do with an agenda.

What is interesting is that I have been informally keeping track of the tags on that book. "Fearmongering" was up to over 70 at one point, then down to 56 due a collection of "No" votes on "do you agree" bit, and now it is back in the 60s.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the re-broadcast with extra information about "The Controversy" on NBC's Dateline program.

Science Mom said...

Does anyone else find it mindblowing that the AoAers actually think evidence-based folks are the wackosphere?

Actually, I don't. They have to believe that, otherwise, it is they that are in the wackosphere. And they can't have that now can they? They know the TWOOF after all.

blogged about several cases of vaccine injury and autism or autistic-like diagnoses over 2 years ago. None of them resemble what the petitioners test cases from the OAP claimed.

But you have seen particular Autism parents in action, not exactly a grasp on reality there.

Science Mom said...

Kim, You will be interested in this:

It highlights the erroneous claims by Kirby et al. regarding PDD and PDD-NOS.

In short, Bailey Banks was diagnosed with PDD, pervasive developmental delay, not PDD-NOS, or pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified. SBM and LB/RB discuss the distinction.