I am hurt. A plague o' both your houses!


"Orac, yes, my views change slowly when they change at all." So sayeth the illustrious Jay Gordon over at Orac's. 

Jay Gordon has a long comment, linked above, over at Orac's post on his and McCarthy's messes over at Huffington Post. Gordon is almost as frightening as Mercola or Hyman (who's now insisting he's a scientist and no milk for anybody except calfs!). This comment has been well and truly taken apart over there by multiple commenters and Orac himself, but having twice in the past week been compared to or argued that I hang with him (and Novella, never forget Novella--I am so very unworthy of such company), I feel it is completely obligatory to deconstruct this comment and link it to Romeo and Juliet. You know, my own unique way of deconstructing. Wouldn't want to go all the way into Oracian territory, now, would I?

There's so much wrong with Gordon (and his comment) that it's hard to know where to start. I mean really hard. I guess at the beginning of this particular comment:

"Reading here and at Prometheus' site (and elsewhere) helps me to sort through the many opinions and facts and fill in the large gaps in my knowledge base about statistics and a fair amount of basic science."

First off, as another person noted, wow. Not where you're supposed to get it, but thank the accidental cosmos that you admit you have large gaps. Cuz, you sure do. And that's really, really scary.

 "I was trained, many years ago, as a physician. As you know, science changes quite a bit over the years and refreshing my out-dated understanding of data analysis and basic science is very helpful."

Again, another person pointed out you're supposed to do continuing education credits and it's your job to fill in the gaps and keep up to date. Even scarier. You're admitting your incompetence. And that you go to blogs to fix it, and yet, despite reading direct, backed up criticisms of your errors, you don't change. You instead admonish people:

"That's why I continually ask for a calmer tone: It's so much easier to listen." 

Here's a very calm tone, soothing, said in a caressing whisper, Dr. Jay: you, my dear, deluded doctor, are a dumbass of the finest caliber.

Gordon writes on the whinefest over at Huff: "The way vaccines are manufactured and administered right now in 2010 makes vaccines and their ingredients part of the group of toxins which have led to a huge increase in childhood diseases including autism. Your show made parents' decisions harder and did nothing except regurgitate old news."

No, no, and no. You may say you go to blogs to learn stuff, but you might as well keep hanging with all the AoAers who came out en masse to support your diatribe and see if they couldn't top you in the histrionics department (they did).

You really did betray your closed-minded certainty when you followed the first four paragraphs of your comment at Orac's with the line already quoted: "Orac, yes, my views change slowly when they change at all."

That's not demonstrative of following scientific evidence, but again, it sure explains why you get along so well with the AoAers.

You then betray your complete ignorance when you write this: "Polio will not return to the USA, measles will not overwhelm herd immunity, pertussis is over- and under-diagnosed and the "epidemics" often are not what they seem. We don't need a rotavirus vaccine in America and should focus our efforts on making it affordable and available to the Third World."

Stop immunizing and polio will; it's not been eradicated everywhere. Measles infections are on the rise again. What the hell does pertussis being "over- and under-diagnosed mean"? And how does it apply in your string of things here? Yeah,  like the autism epidemic, maybe? Holy crap on a cracker, infants don't need protection from the rotavirus here? Really? How charitable of you. Better for them to get it and be miserably ill. You ass.

I love how you can write this: "Think of the good you could be doing with a broader focus instead of sitting here at the center of this circle jerk of scientists and wannabe scientists talking about the same thing over and over again." And yet be able to close with this: "Have a good day."

Hahahaha. Man, what a guy, right?


kathleen said...

Oh he is such a weenie head. His feelings are always getting hurt. But you know "feelings" are more important in medicine than science is...this is the same old crap he spouts everytime someone questions..and when he can't take it anymore-he falls on the old standby.."But I'm a public figure!!! You get to say all of this anonymously" boohoo..

David said...

The denial that polio can return is even more ghoulish than it sounds. Polio HAS returned to a very large portion of the world, thanks to an especially ludicrous scare in Kano, Nigeria. It appears that, as backlash against the US invasion of Iraq and to sway a local election, Muslim clerics told people that polio vaccines (most of which wer made in France) were part of an American plot to sterilize Muslims. Which makes one wonder, how DID the election turn out?