Because They're Pretty, and Some Days Are Harder Than Others

On the plus side, I've been, I believe, compared to Orac over at Huff. Not the first time in the past week that it's been suggested I keep illustrious company. I'm honored to be considered to be in a club that involves reasoning and evidence-based practices. I believe scientific research and a willingness to pursue objective reality by recognizing the fallibility of the human mind and our tendency to make some really glaring mistakes all in the pursuit of reducing cognitive dissonance are our best chances to make the world a better place and avoid being a dumbass. Oh, I've also been accused of having a holier-than-thou attitude and black and white thinking. I'm gonna guess that's pretty par for the course if you don't like the things I'm saying. In fact, I bet I know at least one person who'd be thrilled to pop in just to verify this other person's assessment.

Ah well, we already knew I excelled at making friends and winning people to the cause of realistic assessment of human foibles.

Here's hoping the roses bring a smile to your face and a bright spot in your day. :-) I'd be sure to drop the holier-than-thou act as has been suggested, if only it weren't so ingrained in me I just can't find the zipper, you know?

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