AoA's Goal to Make Wakefield's Book a Bestseller Putzes Out?

As Sullivan reported, the bump for Wakefield's book appears to have been restricted to Amazon (where it got up to #11 for a short time). As of Saturday, 6:00 pm central, though, Wakefield's book had slipped to #188 at Amazon.

At Barnes and Noble, though, it's ranked at #26,012.

Books A Million doesn't rank books. Hmmm. Neither does Hastings.

It really looks highly unlikely that the AoAers will achieve their goal of getting Wakefield's book on The New York Times' bestseller list. Slate ran a piece on how books become best sellers back in 1998 that's still worth the time to read. This site also explains the bestseller lists. Here's a piece that explains how Amazon figures its ranking.  Wakefield's supporters may have been able to boost his Amazon number for a day, but it is highly unlikely that there are enough folks enamored with Wakefield to buy enough copies in a short enough time to get it to the New York Times.

On a related note, Olmsted and Blaxill's book sits at #30,107 at Amazon, and Stagliano's sits at #72,132. All three books can be bundled together and purchased for the low, low price of $52.73. I just know we're going to rush to get them all, including Kirby's new one, which can also be bundled with Wakefield's book.

In short, while I'd like nothing more than to wish these folks well, because who doesn't want success and happiness for their fellow man, as long as misinformation and dangerous rhetoric is the topic of choice, I really hope that their books have very little impact on the collective consciousness of our society.

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