AoA: "Any clear thinking person"

No one at Aoa picked up on the part on Dan Olmsted's rant about his buddy Andy getting struck off that his last paragraph could be construed as telling Andy, along with the UK to f*&k off. Interesting show of lack of reading comprehension. Anne Dachel, that oh-so-insightful media editor did have this comment to make, though:

Any clear thinking person can realize where this is going. The truth will prevail. You can't have two sides making totally opposite claims. Either vaccines are safe and there really is nothing about them that can cause autism, or else, our mandated vaccination schedule is responsible for horrendous suffering inflicted on a generation of children.
Well, that leaves everyone who buys into AoA's crap completely in the dark. Obviously, you can in fact have two sides making completely opposite claims: vaccines/not vaccines, evolution/creationism, global warming/no global warming, Elvis is dead/Elvis lives, and the list goes on.

There is no evidence to substantiate the gross, rampant emotionalism of the claim that "our mandated vaccination schedule is responsible for horrendous suffering inflicted on a generation of children."

None of us are going away. Not the parents and not the honest and courageous doctors and scientists sounding an alarm. And certainly not the masses of children with autism. NONE OF US.
I predict the end is fast approaching for this debate. "Studies show no link" and "vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives" won't be heard much longer because more and more people know the truth. The evidence is EVERYWHERE and the medical community/health officials have no answers.

I predict that mainstream media is losing its interest in the manufactoversy; I predict that most people will shunt the anti-vaccine folks over to the fringe where they belong. The "debate," however is going nowhere, just like all the other debates I mentioned. The last sentence sounds a wee bit X-Files. "The evidence is EVERYWHERE" isn't evidence, isn't rational, and isn't proof. The medical community doesn't have an answer dumbasses will buy. No one does.

When the truth is finally realized and all the lies are exposed, everyone will demand to know one thing:
The caps let you know she's really, really serious about this. Yuppers, folks will want to know why the media foolishly gave Jenny McCarthy and wackawoos so much attention. They'll want to know why and how anyone could follow Wakefield for so long and through so much crap and lies.
That will be the question of the century.
No, I think global warming is probably more important than your bizarro world.
(Good story Dan! Chicago must agree with you!)
Anne Dachel
Hee, now tell me you don't just love this last bit? How on earth does she get that from the rally turn out? And interesting that she left editor off of Media, isn't it?

Oh, I know Obradovic's got a doozy of a post up. I can counter it simply: Her conclusions are inaccurate; she's not even wrong. Even if she was only talking to Singer (I don't know, maybe she was being generic and talking to everyone?). I wouldn't say she looks pathetic, though. Just really, really, really wrong. Angela tackles the Obradovic piece simply and elegantly.

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