Age of Autism Gets Honest and Changes Its Name (snark)

Today, in an unprecedented show of integrity and honesty, Age of Autism changed its name to Vaccines: The Cause of Everything Wrong With the World: the daily newspaper of vaccine conspiracies.

After running a series of posts having absolutely nothing to do with autism at all, in any capacity, Age of Autism took a deep breath, looked good and hard at itself in the mirror, and decided to quit pretending to be anything other than a gathering place for wackawoos. To that end, the wackawoo brigade went full tilt into redesigning its website, dumping most of the sponsors because they just weren't vaccine-hating enough, and by gosh, enough is enough. Using a camouflage motif and shots in a Curt Linderman crossed style (without the black skull), the three editors of VTCoEWWtW (not as catchy certainly, as AoA, but well, they are trying to be honest), along with the rest of the wackawoos brigade, dressed in camo, guerrilla style, with big syringes held lovingly in their arms as if they were AK-47s and glared at the camera. They want you to know they are serious and mean business! There are no good vaccines!

Gardisil, as far as they are concerned, is killing teenage girls left and right. Undoubtedly they feel that the government and big pharma, in cahoots with one another, and not content with making everyone autistic, has decided to even off the sex ratio, since so many with autism are boys and won't be marrying, since they are nonverbal and diapered. Having pretty girls around seems a tad inefficient. So the government and big Pharma worked together to fix that. It's such a big conspiracy that it required a three part series on how Gardisil does that.

The CDC looked into the serious adverse events reported to VAERS, including the deaths, and concluded:

"VAERS defines serious adverse events as adverse events that involve hospitalization, permanent disability, life-threatening illness, and death. As with all VAERS reports, serious events may or may not have been caused by the vaccine. All serious reports (8%) for Gardasil have been carefully analyzed by medical experts. Experts have not found a common medical pattern to the reports of serious adverse events reported for Gardasil that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine."

Of the 49 deaths reported, the CDC found that in "the 28 reports confirmed, there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine."

Of course at VtCoE (shortened for brevity), that's not good enough. A careful examination of the records to see if there is a pattern by the government? Not to be trusted!

And let's not forget the cluster of piggy articles over at VtCoE, either. The same people who undoubtedly once they hear about the helminthic therapy will be on their way to Mexico are up in arms about the porcine viral DNA snips found in the rotavirus vaccine. Now, what can you expect from a bunch of people who think they can get their kids to swallow Yasko's RNA supplements and magically be healed? Of course they think DNA and RNA (stuff, by the way, they ingest every time they consume food) is gonna magically make it to the cells intact. Let's not ruin their fun by telling them that if it makes to the small intestine, DNA and RNA gets broken down.

We know, of course, that AoA didn't come clean, didn't drop its cover and admit openly what it's really about. They don't have to. With each and every post, they make it more and more clear what they are about. And it isn't about autism.


Sirenity said...

LMFAO, oh Kim... I snorted coffee all over my desk and had to admit to my co workers and my boss that I am indeed working hard... hahaha.

'wacakwoo brigade' HAHAHAHAHHA oh that is good.

"dressed in camo, guerrilla style, with big syringes held lovingly in their arms as if they were AK-47s and glared at the camera" had me grinning, but you won me over with

'cluster of piggy articles'

KWombles said...

:-) Glad you enjoyed it. Writing it certainly improved my mood. hee.

David said...

Again, I doubt very much that even AoA could muster much enthusiasm for "helminth therapy". If they are afraid of imagined risks and "toxins" in vaccines, they can be expected to be more disgusted than most by the idea of parasitic infections. Also, I was struck by the fact that the NAA post was from about a year ago. It looks to me like it has remained consistently marginal even in the "autism biomed" community.

Sullivan said...

There is a post on AoA about pushing congress to pass a bill on seclusions and restraint. No responses.

But, people with admitted no connection to the autism community are discussing the gardasil post.

I'm stunned that Mark Blaxill spent so much time writing three pieces on something that (a) has nothing to do with autism and (b) could have been said in a couple of paragraphs.

AoA is irrelevant to my kid's future, except where they stand in the way.

Sheldon said...

Kim, shame on you!!

You don't understand the relationship between Gardasil and autism.

Ten years from now, AoA will announce the secret. That they've proven that the effects of Gardasil vaccination can, in some cases, travel back in time to when children receive the MMR vaccine. It is the MMR and Gardasil vaccination that explains the epidemic in cases of girls becoming autistic that we will see in the next few years.

So how does this explain AofA's story in 2010? I don't know.

I'd ask AoA, but they don't seem to post any comments that violate their deathgrip control over what their followers learn.