Whirlwinds of Thought, Deadlines, and Demands

"I am now unable to stand here any longer. I am forgetting myself, and my mind is reeling."

I've got one week left of regular classes for the two I'm taking, and two more weeks for the ones I'm teaching, and then finals weeks. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of students feeling this way around the country. I'm certain that about twenty of them are feeling that way about the rough draft of the paper due tomorrow night in the class I teach. As I write this now, I imagine that most of them are working on it right now, having waited, inexplicably, to the last minute to write a six page analysis of Slaughterhouse Five. I bet they're really feeling the way Arjuna was.

Okay, I know these are plums, and the quote that follows is about pears, but Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite comedians, and if you missed the latest in the RPM thread here, you should go look, and you'll get why I think this is hysterical.

Pears can just fuck off too. 'Cause they're gorgeous little beasts, but they're ripe for half an hour, and you're never there. They're like a rock or they're mush. In the supermarket, people banging in nails. "I'll just put these shelves up, mate, then you can have the pear." … So you think, "I'll take them home and they'll ripen up." But you put them in the bowl at home, and they sit there, going, "No! No! Don't ripen yet, don't ripen yet. Wait til he goes out the room! Ripen! Now now now!" -- Eddie Izzard, Definite Article

Here's wishing all my readers, friends and adversaries alike, a beautiful week. It's the last week of April, and it's smashing gorgeous here. And there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even if my mind is reeling. :-)

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