OMG: People Who Make McCarthy Look Well-Informed

I'll be updating as I run across folks who write such incredibly ill informed or conspiracy-mongering things, it simply has to be noted.

Note, we're now up to "hundreds of thousands":
"I found it interesting how the medical community poo-poos the hundreds of thousands of parents of autistic children who watched their children regress post-vaccine. They are not insignificant. They are CASE STUDIES. Personally I have a friend who waited to vaccinate her son until he was age six. Once he received his vaccines he developed autism. No one is going to convince me that was just a fluke or a coincidence." Main Discussion Frontline

Sure, the diseases were already gone:
"The facts show (and you won't hear the vaccine manufacturers say this) that most childhood diseases were either on a significant decline or completely gone from the united states prior to the introduction of many of these vaccines." Main Discussion Frontline

Even better, it's a conspiracy to hide that we're damaging more and more kids; if we do it early, no one will know:
"I honestly believe that the real reason that they stack so many shots in the first year of life is to prevent there from being a baseline. In other words, if they waited until a child is older than three, the child has developed enough to see a personality and have inelligence levels that you can actually measure. Then there would be more definitive proof of a regression or neurological harm, and the vaccine advocates definitely don't want that!" Main Discussion Frontline


storkdok said...

I just HAD to go read this ignorant ranting last night on the Frontline website. We, as a nation, have seriously failed in teaching what scientific evidence is and skeptical thinking in school for many years.

On a good note, at the conference yesterday with MGWinner, Social Thinking, she specifically mentioned and called out the biomedical movement and those who call for a cure or even use the word "recover" at the beginning of her conference. She has personally been on a mission to get the ASA to change it's language and is meeting with them in a board meeting next month to get them to understand how wrong this language is.

kathleen said...

Oh my goodness..I second Stork..we are failing ( as a nation) at teaching critical thinking...but wait-perhaps that is on purpose??!! It's a consiracy!